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   The Colombian Boa or Common Boa has an exotic appearance, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the constrictors.
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Monica - 2007-04-13
Monica here. Just wanted to add to the breeding section . . . as with many boas, the red tails have internal incubation, to be vague. The young are born with the placenta intact; each in their own sac. There is no egg laying or incubation required with red tail boas.

Shaun Deluca - 2007-03-28
The info you have on Columbian Red Tail Boas is great. I used to have one but unfortunately i had to give it away because it got way to big for my house.

jesse - 2006-10-15
I have had snakes for years, my dad got me water snakes when i was four. 11 years later i now have over 30 snakes, most of which are breeding. Red tailed boas are amazing snakes, but as much as people recommend them, you are still better off to start with something a bit smaller, now i aint saying cornsnakes or ball pythons( nothing against them, i breed them), just start off small. Sand is really bad for these guys, and they are generally arboreal.

ashley - 2006-08-29
Hey my name's Ashley, and i've had my baby girl since she was three months old. She's now a year and two months, and is four feet long. She is growing like a weed! Her mommy's 11ft and her dad is 8ft so i was told she'd be done around 9ft. I don't care how big she gets because she is the nicest snake in the whole world. I don't think anything could replace my Diamond. She loves children, and goes to Petsmart with me to draw crowds. Anyone whos looking to buy a snake, i strongly recommend this kind of snake. Just make sure you find a breeder. They know their snakes, and they can tell you anything you need to know. Don't settle for any pet-store snake. If you want real quality, go to a breeder. You'll never go back.

JD Foster - 2006-07-21
JD here I have had my RTB for about 2 years now she is growing at about 2 inches a month and is already 5 feet long she is the nicest snake I have owned. I also have a albino burmesse python he is 9 feet and 30 lbs kind of mean but still love him. I would recommend a RTB to anyone looking for a great snake. Kelly is very tame I love taking her to parties she likes the attention as long as the room is quiet. Anyways thanks for letting me post the comment. JD

Ian - 2006-07-18
columbian red tails are lovely boas, usually docile and very easy to care for, but the two things i want to add on this care guide There is no mention of thermostats, and also that they to be totally happy they should have a medium to high humidity level.

shay bennett - 2006-06-17
hi. i have and owned over 70 snakes and i am only 16 yrs old. i am known by many of europes best herpetologists. i breed RTB and have breed many sucessful hybrids. many people say that RTBs are not very good as starter snakes or for younger persons, i totally disagree with that. RTB's make excellent starter snakes and are great for younger persons. they rarely bite. i have been breeding since i was 12 and not one of my snakes have bitten me.

chris kosmicki - 2006-05-01
i have 2 rtb, im only 15 ive had them since i was 12. they are very, nice never bit me once. they are like brothers, they cuddle together an stuff. so anybody that thinks your kid shouldnt have a snake is wrong cuz these snakes are nicer then dogs an cats, just wash your hands after touching the mice!!

Mandee - 2006-04-29
I have only had my RTB for about 6 months. I have owned other snakes in the past and the RTB by far is the best type that I have owned. He is so sweet and docile that he makes it easy to care for him. I also made the switch from live to f/t with no problem at all. I look forward to having more in the future.

Justin - 2006-04-26
i consider my red tail to be one of my kids seeing her go from 12 inches her 5 foot length right now. she has been with me through 3 girlfreinds and has never done me, wrong she is the only girl i trust