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   The Colombian Boa or Common Boa has an exotic appearance, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the constrictors.
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Kurt van Wyk - 2008-04-07
A friend of mine has two red tails. They are about seven months old and are named Monty and Tony. They are quite large for their age but very gentle and friendly. Highly recommended for the beginner.

Sarah and Dustin Kelly - 2008-03-25
We own many snakes including corns, hogs, and redtails. We also own uromastyx, armadillo lizards and beardies. We love all of our reptiles very much but out most cherished is our rtb Nora. She is about a year old and is the nicest of all our snakes (uros are the nicest lizards=]). Red tails are great for all but keep in mind they do reach sizes up to 12 ft. and MAY be a bit nippy after eating (be sure to wach hands after handeling mice before getting your snake again). One thing, owners who feed their snakes in it's actual tank, take it out and feed it PLEASE! I will make your snake much more tame while trying to retrieve it from the tank. But anyway, we can not wait until Nora is atleast 7 ft! she is so beautiful and loving and we can hold her for hours and she loves it!

Hope everyone takes great care of their snakes!

Freddie Picciano - 2008-01-14
I have had a few RTB's. They are very docile and loving snakes that I would recommend to beginners as well as experts. Do note before you buy, they get very big and require alot of attention.

Jonboy - 2007-12-25
I have a 10ft female rtb who i got from a person along with a 3ft royal. Since giving them the proper care they have flourishd into tame beauties. I also have a peruvian rtb that was mis-treated. After 3 months she has flourished, but after her past is just now warming up to being handled.

Eric F. - 2007-11-26
I have a red tail boa and I have had it since it was born, and it is about 5" long. I have owned a lot of snakes, but this is the most docile and friendly of all snakes that I have owned.

Laura - 2007-08-28
My name is Laura, and i own an Emporer Red Tail. Her name is Layla and she is 6.5 ft long. My boyfriend and i saved her when we first got together. Her previous owner let her get into a pool table. Her owner also never fed her. We have had her for about a year now, and she is doing well and getting better. Her scar is also fading. Even though she wasn't taken care of before, she is a very sweet and docile snake. She loves to be out and tries to get out of her tank before i can close it. She lets us kiss her on the head and she gives us kisses. She likes to breathe in your ear also. She has so much personality and i would definitely say im glad to have her.

LUIS - 2007-07-03
i am 14 and i have a red tail boa, she is 8ft long and she is really good tempered. She iz probably 40 to 50 pounds, but she is super good around kids and i think im gonna breed her sometime. Plus i have a burmese python and they grew up together, but they go in separate cages.

Don - 2007-06-29
I have the pleasure of having a Columbian. I named him Hercules. He truly is a master predator. He is a joy and I hope to have him around many more years. He is 15 and roughly 10 ft long. He eats full size rabbits. Since he eats such a large meal, I only feed him once a month. He has a room in our house all to himself and I allow him to run free until feed day then I place him in a converted entertainment center for the feed and digestion process.

SOSA - 2007-04-30
The Columbian Red Tail Boa its the best snake ever, big but not to big and very smart and good hunter ;) i hope you love them too

Rev. Fr. +Ken Huffman - 2007-04-14
I rescued a Boa Constrictor Imperator (Emperor of the Boa Constrictors) from a certain death! He now has a huge cage, private bath and neat rock.....he hates heat lamps and temps above 80.
His name was Theasius because he was an escape artist, but I renamed him Kilroy...fits his know when he's been around!
HE IS GOD AWESOME BEAUTIFUL AND HAS BECOME 5'5" IN A YEAR! He was an underfed and under handled snake, now he's an every day explorer and fed once a week. He is my buddy and has head bunted me once when he did not want to go back into his huge home,.but he nipped my oldest son who was ticking him off. Otherwise he is a loving and parrot like Boa. He prefers being on your shoulders, heavy boy too, and loves to watch as I am on my Mac.
He likes to rest on my bed and snuggle on my dialysis days, sneaking into the covers and sleeping, acting like my guard dog when I sleep. I am not sure I rescued him or he has rescued me. He is my Emperor Boa and my Family loves him, all 8 of us, from my 1 year old to me. I can't wait till he is 7 feet long.....nor can my wife. He is a goofy rep who loves to sit on your shoulders or lap and be petted. He loves his head and throat stroked...weird huh?

Ken Huffman

Kilroy was here!