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   The Colombian Boa or Common Boa has an exotic appearance, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the constrictors.
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Steven - 2009-10-25
I just got a two foot columbian boa. I love her to death and want to get one more.

Tasia - 2009-09-04
I own a three year old red tail boa named Trina. I love her so much, one year ago she got bitten really badly by a rat all the way down to the flesh. I freaked out crying thinking she was going to die, she didn't eat for seven months. My local pet store owner helped me several times to force feed her and then one day just poof, she was back to her old self again. Now she's huge, loves to be held and spoiled, and she eats on her own again. You can't even notice the scars on her back anymore either and I have totally come to realize just how much I love her and how much a part of my life she has become.

Libby - 2009-08-10
About a year and a half ago I got a little RTB from a guy who was moving. The guy didn't feed him enough and kept him in too small of an enclosure, but my little Boo was still a sweet boy. He is now a spoiled healthy boy who loves going outside and sitting in our apple tree (we just refer to it as "Boo's tree"). He loves resting his head against my neck with his body draped along my arm, getting his chin rubbed, and cuddling up to people's chests. If anyone else holds him though he will touch me with his nose every so many minutes then go back to the person. Before I got him I never thought that a snake could have such an amazing personality! My mom was terrified of snakes until she met Boo, now she tells everyone about him and only calls him Boo Boo. Whenever I tell someone about my little boy they usually say something like "you're crazy!" then they ask how big he will get and when I tell them they ask me if I'm going to get rid of him then. I tell them that I won't get rid of him and that I love him very much and can't imagine my life without my Boo!

LUIS - 2009-04-08
I have a Boa that was left in the mail slot of the front door of a building I live in. It was about 14 inches long at the time. It's been 2 1/2 years now. I lost the fear I had of it even though it has bitten me 8 times. It's 5'4", I think it's a female and I love my snake Wanda. She use to be very agressive but now is tame. I think someone was trying to scare me with it and I got suspicious when I got a call from a neighbor telling me that there was something on my door, come to find out it was a snake. The best pet I have ever had.

Victoria Ryan - 2009-02-02
My husband and I currently own two Ball Pythons (3yrs.)&(8 months) and a Columbian RTB (1yr) and are totally content with their behaviors. Reluctant at first, due to my long standing phobia of snakes, I was quickly proved wrong and fell in love with them. Each snake has a wonderful unique personality and handles very well. Both pythons and the Boa react well to handling and feeding. Many small children have handled all three and never once has either of them showed any signs of aggression or fright. I would honestly recommend these pets to any one interested in a long lasting, easy-to-care for new family member.

Jody - 2009-01-20
Our 4th of july celebration of 2008 was quite a surprise to my entire family, because on that day we became the proud new parents of our lil' columbian RTB
We named him Fluffers and he is the most facinating animal I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot of animals)... scared at first handling him, me and my 2 young daughters developed a strong bond with him, in part because he is such a gentle creature. I never imagined that I would love him so, but I do, in fact we have started getting my other family members to show interest in them too. My cousin whom wouldn't even go in the pet store for fear of seeing one now comes to my home just to hold Fluffer. He has really made an impression on everyone he touches.
He is a great joy... and an educational experience for my children, one that they may have never known otherwise...

henry elliott - 2009-01-13
Hi, I have the pleasure of owning a bald python. His name is monty, and I also own a red tail columbia boa constrictor, her name is jade. Me and my girlfriend both love them very much, they are easy to care for and very easy to become attached to. We have had them for about a year now and plan on having them both for many years to come.

sami o - 2008-12-22
I have just bought two columbian RTB's. The one is a normal RTB which is my fiance's, and a pastel RTB which is mine. The normal RTB is very friendly but the pastel is slightly aggressive, but calms down when handled. I am in love with the coloring and the body style of these snakes. They are so beautiful.

Debbie Cheney - 2008-12-11
I have a 7mo old baby rtb named Manasa, her name stands for queen of all snakes in hindu mathology. I have nothing but good to say about my pet, My family and friends all admire her and have over come fear of snakes. I understand the commitment for the years to come, having helped raise a wonderful rtb. Eve since passed of old age, I always wanted to raise my own boa, and we love her very much. Proud snake owner!

Shawn Vogel - 2008-09-28
My son has a red tailed boa. Most of the time she is nice but about a year ago she bit my daughter and today she bit me. Do they go through aggressive times or is it something we've done?