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   The Colombian Boa or Common Boa has an exotic appearance, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the constrictors.
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michael - 2010-07-10
I have a RTB he is 42 inches long and I had him since he was a babe. I named him skittles because how his color changes when you take him outside. I'm going to the xpo in New York City and I'm planning to buy 3 more snakes.

hypo boa, albino boa, Hypo Motley Het Albino. Those are the three I'm planning to buy

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  • peter cavell - 2010-08-12
    My son has a 6 foot rtb,the problem is he went into the marines and I am looking to sell him, with or without the tank, which is 4 feet long, 2 feet high and a foot wide. If you or anyone you know is interested please let me know. Price wise you can make me an offer, thank you.
Destiney - 2010-07-17
I have a 6 foot long columbian boa male, docile! I also have 5 baby boa's, and 3 ball pythons. What would be the best type of environment 4 each tank I want 2 make each tank comfortable for them.?

cara - 2010-07-02
Co u think that an led would bother my rtb at night during his dark time?

Chance - 2010-05-21
I'm thinking about getting a rtb but I don't know what kind of cage setup would be good if anyone has any suggestions I could use some help.

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  • Raj - 2010-06-14
    Email me with any questions you may have. I have owned a RTB for about a year now which doesn't sound like long but I am very knowledgeable. My email is
dominic - 2010-05-02
My 7 year old male hasn't eaten since last aug. We brought him a chicken this weekend he killed it saturday night about 11pm, he still hasn't eaten it and it is almost 11pm sunday. he has never taken more than an hour to eat his kill, why would he not eat this one, and when should we take the dead chicken out? This is very odd, chicken is his favorite.

Bruce - 2010-03-18
I have a three year old female that hasn't eaten for at least 5 months. What can I do to get her to start eating again?

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  • brandon - 2010-04-08
    Feed it a small lizard or bird. The following week scent the mouse with the animal you feed the week previous, and he should pick back up his eating habits again. (to scent just leave mouse in the same container with the lizard for a couple of days)
Mz Bundy - 2009-12-19
After helping my older sister care for her 3 RTB's she finally bought me one this year as a newborn. Right off the bat she's shown great companionship, nestling in my hair all day, She's now 6 months old and I cant wait for the many of years to come. I named her Bella Morte, "beautiful dead".

Autumn - 2009-12-06
I just was given a boa from my Bio teacher, I named him Garfunkel. He's so friggin cute!

Anonymous - 2009-12-04
I got my rtb about 3 years ago and she was a year old when I got her. She never gets the grey color I see in others, she is just that red color all over, even her head.
She's a bit moody and I don't let many ppl hold her cuz if you move the wrong way she will bite. I've been bitten once but she's tried many times (most of it was my fault). She is about 7 foot now, her name is rainboa :P. The main thing I don't like about her is she will not sit still, she moves everywhere!

brandon - 2009-11-22
My fauther got one, now I got one!