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   The Colombian Boa or Common Boa has an exotic appearance, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the constrictors.
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Boots - 2014-06-07
My RTB was very quickly moving towards our sleeper sofa's 'innerds'. Knowing he'd probably disappear in there close to forever - like an idiot I engaged in a tug of war w this 5-1/2' young adult 'strength-o-meter'. I, of course, lost. After finally getting him out by other methods, he seemed more still than usual, so I was it possible to pull on a snake too hard and injure it? Please advise. Thanks.

jeremiah salahub - 2013-10-30
can anyone help me identify my snake....

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-01
    We may be able to help you Jeremiah, but will need good pictures. Register through Facebook and then you can upload your pictures for us to look at.
snakeman Nick - 2013-08-23
Hate to burst your bubble, but this 'Colombian 'Red Tail' Boa' pictured is in fact a Bolivian Amarilli boa constrictor, you can tell by the vary small 2-3 red colored saddles at base of tale as well as the faint and vary thin saddle markings on back. They are much nastier to handle than the Colombian Boas.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-08-27
    Not to worry, our bubble is not at all burst! We love to get comments like this that help to make Animal-World a better site. Sooo... we swapped out the main picture to a true Columbia Boa, and moved this handsome Bolivian Amarilli Boa further down the page (and labeled it correctly!). Thanks so much for your sharp eye and assistance.
kb - 2008-06-26
My rtb, Forbes, is the best snake ever. He will be 3 in July and has never even attempted to bite. I have even needed to clean bedding out of his mouth with no problems from him, and he doesn't mind dogs sniffing at him when he crawls on the floor. He will lay on me for as long as I will rub him - but I can definitely see a difference in his interaction with me as opposed to anyone else.
My boy is very spoiled and he loves it. I take him out of the cage nearly every single day, and he goes swimming and takes drives with me in the summer. I will be sad when he is just too big for me to handle alone. We are in the process of having a floor to ceiling enclosure built for him.
A lot of people ask how big will he get or how long will he live, and when I tell them, the reaction is usually 'what are you going to do with him then?' I'm going to keep him, of course! These reptiles are a true commitment and should not be a short term novelty to 'show-off'. Before purchasing one, be prepared to handle them regulary for many, many years - intentions otherwise are just not fair to them.

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  • Ernest Williams - 2011-09-23
    You should never let an RTB on your floors,unless you have just cleaned the floors with a pet safe cleaner. You should also not ware shoes that have worn outside,while you are in your house. You should never let animals near your RTB. You should take a shower before handling your RTB. Captive bred RTB have a poor immune system. It's very common for a young Boa to die from parasites just because the owner was reckless and careless enough to not take all precautions before feeding or handling there snake.
  • Victoria - 2013-08-02
    You can clearly tell that you care for your big boy, and glad to hear you'll give him a great LONG HEALTHY LIFE.
billy - 2013-04-07
Hey there just wondering I am geting a 6 ft Colombian boa and would they kill a dog or a baby if she got out? Are they vicious? Do they act like a wild predator?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-04-07
    It is very possible.  They can easily suffercate a baby.  It is not that they are vicious, it is nature.
Anthony Harden - 2013-03-22
I have a Redtail Boa, its name is CHANGE. I had it for about three months and I am Loving him.This is my first BOA.....Thumbs Up to BOA`s 1LOVE

Ernest Williams - 2011-09-23
I just discovered after buying 100 mini-pinkies for $65,that my 3 foot baby rtb would not eat them. They are to small for him to consider as prey. I ordered them from Big Apple Pet Supply. I did not have $75 to order 25 rat pups from Big Apple Pet Supply. I looked for another supplier and found Layne They have more options in order size 10 a time for most of they mice and rats. They also 25,50,100,500,1000 order sizes. I bought 10 rat pups for $49.24,a big price difference. I like the 10 a time option. I can step up the rat size every 2 months,if I need to keep up with his growth. The rat pups are still a tad small for him,but with in minutes of me offering one to him,he ate it. I will order 10 weaned rats from Layne next time at $47.34. I would hate to waste the 99 mini-pinkies that are left I will sale them for $40 to any one in the west Atlanta area,you can reach me at

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  • chris - 2012-12-26
    I've owned and deal with all types of snakes. Your 3ft boa should be on small too medium size rats. He or She should be eating 2 smalls or 1 meduim once a week or every 2 weeks. Rats are better for them its makes the snake healthy. Then full grown it will be eating super & or mega jumbo rats or rabbits what ever you deside
LaTischa Franzmeier - 2011-07-19
I recently picked up a very young RTB from a local petstore. She was very weak and thin and wouldn't grip my fingers. She did a little bit of climbing around her terrarium, but she seemed to stare off into space a lot, and this morning, I found her dead with her mouth slightly on edge. The space on her cloaca was a light orangey red yesterday and appeared to be swollen, but didn't feel hard. She seemed coordinated enough, but just weak. There are no mites that I can see. Does this sound like IBD? I am freaking out because I am babysitting a friend's python, and I don't want her to catch it.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-08-01
    Wow, so sorry about loosing your boa. From what I understand, IBD is very hard to diagnose, and takes a liver biopsy to be sure - is what I've heard. It's also primarily transmited by mites. So as long as your area is clean, and you haven't seen any mites during the time you kept your snake.. I'd guess you're okay taking care of your friend's python
  • LaTischa Franzmeier - 2012-01-10
    No worries. It's been a few months and that definitely wasn't it. Just a bad pet store.
  • kc - 2012-03-13
    I have a red tailed boa and he's gasping for air. I don't know what to do
  • Jake the Snake - 2012-03-28
    Might be a respiratory infection, 2 of my ball pythons have had one, so has my friends red tail. What other symptoms does it have?
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-26
    I had a baby CRT die on me from a internal parasite and he was sold to us like that so the store gave us a 1 1/2 yr old CRT male for free. I would get the ball python away from where the other snake died because it can catch it clean everything up immediately. I'm sorry for your loss I know how it feels my snake died in my arms on the way to the vet also had a huge lump and mouth open but it was because his stomach exploded due to the parasite
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-26
    For the respiratory infection, you can either buy medicine or do what I had to do. Just crank the heat up a little bit than how it usually is and make sure it has extra extra humidity. If it keeps breathing out of its mouth get it to the vet ASAP
  • chris riccitelli - 2012-12-26
    Sorry to here about your boa it could of been an import. Also you said it was stare into space a lot, check out star gazing disease
Lori Mo - 2012-07-23
I just purchased a RTB and a Caramel Royal Python. The sellers were so quick to get rid of them they sold them both to me for $50. They had them both in a plmastic shoe box. The seller said neither had fed in 2 months. Actually once I began to handle them I realized these beautiful creatures were severely dehyrated and underfed. The RTB wasn't round but like a flatworm and is 6 feet long and weight is 2.8lbs. When I took them home Chance RTB, at 66 hoppers and one adult, drank 1/2 cup of water. He is getting less lethargic, but any suggestions on how to build I'm up to his proper weight, he was cage aggressive but I waited until he seemed to be satisified from feeding before putting him in his tank. He didn't show any signs of biting me but wrapped loosely around my arm and laid his head in my hand and stayed there. Any ideas on how to get him safely to where he needs to be?

Liz Lewis - 2012-06-26
hi could any 1 tell me what light or heating u use for a 10 months old bora in a 3ft viv

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-26
    Repti-Glow light is a great choice for lighting.  Do not use any ground heating sources as this can dry your snake out.  An infrared heating source at the top of cage works best.  Make sure to have a guard around it to make sure the snake doesn't getr burned.