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The handsome, sweet tempered Ball Python is one of the most favored and adored pet snakes!
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Steven Cox - 2007-12-07
My Teacher has a ball python. i think it's one of the tightest snakes out there. Her python is about three feet already and eats a lot. It loves kids. Steven Cox Dec.7, 2007

Rcahel - 2007-09-25
I have a male Granite Ball/Royal python. I've owned many reptiles before but I think ball Pythons have to be the best. They are easy to care for as long as you have time to regularly handle them. TIPS: NO HEAT ROCKS NO NEWSPAPER

Callie - 2007-08-27
We have a beautiful young royal python named Cleopatra. She didn't eat for the first couple weeks, but she loves to eat for us now. We wash our hands and take her out and play with her every day for about an hour. Every three days or so, we thaw a frozen "fuzzy" mouse for her. We put her back in her container and dangle it in front of her by the tail. We love to watch her gobble mice up.

One of the theories for the name "royal" python is that Cleopatra used to wear ball pythons around her wrist as a bracelet. Of course, we love to do the same thing!

Jack - 2007-08-08
i just got a ball python, he is actually in my hand right now. i got him yesterday and so far i love him. he is a little scared right now and is curled up in a ball in my hand

kerrie - 2007-05-12
we have a royal pythoon called freddie, he's about 8 months old and has a lovely temperament. he just did his first complete shed and we're like proud parents. his tail seems to be going hard and dark but the shed was complete from the tip of the tail to the eye caps.

Josh L. - 2007-04-16
I have had a ball python now for about two and a half years. Her name is Chocolate. I am 13 years old, and they are amazing pets. (especially for beginners!!) Very easy to care for, dont require much. Mine once went for 3 months without eating simply because I re-did her cage. Very picky eaters, but are excellent pets. Gets along great with everyone. Never attempted to bite. Love reptiles and am thinking about getting a Bearded Dragon.

debbie - 2006-12-06
i have a royal python, named veronica (although he is male)! they are lovely snakes, ive had him for 5 years now! he is very tame and i sometimes use him at work, taking photographs with him and tourists! an easy snake to care for!

jesse bozarth - 2006-07-29
ball pythons are exceptional easy to care for. they make great pets because of their docility. if you are a novice when it comes to caring for reptiles, i recommend you begin with a ball python.

shay bennett - 2006-06-17
hi, i am 16 years old and have and owned over 70 snakes. i found with ball/royal pythons, they do tend to have trouble eating from time to time. for intance one of my royal pythons didnt it for 2weeks. other than that they are great pets. all snakes are great pets. for beginners are corn snakes. i do not recommend rat snakes for beginners because they tend to bite a lot more than corns.

renee - 2006-04-13
I had a gorgeous female ball python name Autumn. She was only 6 months old and died of internal parasites but she was an AMAZING snake... everyone loved her and she was the best pet ive ever had... The signs that i didnt notice before she died were being somewhat limp... and weak seeming, her rectum wouldnt close all the way, and i could feel things moving inside her so i took her to the emergency vet clinic and it was too late... she died that night... but she never stopped feeding, she ate untill the day before she died... she was too weak to strike at it... she just let me drop it into her mouth.. i thought she was just becoming use to eating frozen thawed.... it was sooo sad. If u notice unusual things happening with your snake take it to the doctor right away, thats my advice... even if they arent known symptoms of a illness...