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The handsome, sweet tempered Ball Python is one of the most favored and adored pet snakes!
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stevo_d - 2012-12-10
I just purchased a vivexotic vx36 vivarium as an up grade for my royal and the warm side is 90f but the cool side is 70f any tips on how to get it up to 80f. i use a heat mat on the warm side with a red 100w bulb. I live in scotland so its always cold. Had him in a exo terra 24x18x18 tank before and had no problem with temperatures

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  • Drew - 2013-02-08
    You could look into getting a hood lamp that covers the cool side and puts off litle heat.
  • Robsnake - 2013-10-07
    A heat lamp would be best that's what I use. A good reptile shop should be able to advise. Further you would also need a basket to stop your snake burning itself.
  • stevo_d - 2013-11-10
    Problem solved I moved the heat lamp (with a guard) over a few inches and temperatures are now 88f to 95f on warm side and 81f to 85f on cool side. I also got a ceramic heat bulb which is awesome for life length and keeps temperatures up at night when daylight is not on. Thanks for advice guys, also must say wooden vivariums are 10 times better for holding humidity than glass tanks thor (snakes name) loves it.
kim - 2013-10-01
My ball python is named Monty, I've had him almost two years and he was 4 months old when I got him. He's grown quite a bit and I have him in a 25 gallon tank and will be upgrading soon. But my question is he has been very active lately, way more than usual and he has been laying around different spots in his tank other than under his tree trunk. Should I be worried that something is wrong with him he seems fine just very active off and on all day and night?

andrea - 2013-09-04
Alright I have had my ball python for about 6 months now, she has shed 5 of those months. She is a pretty good size for her age, her name is Wormy. I found out she was a little female. I also just recently got a baby red tail boa, I must say I like the ball python better but the rosie will grow on me I guess.

Wendy - 2008-01-25
I have had my ball for 2 years now and I am amazed at how loving he is. His favorite thing to do is to set on my shoulders with his head under my chin. He also has learned to give kisses and often will follow my mouth when I move my head and slowly put his mouth to my lips then move back to under my chin.I wonder are there other balls this loving or is mine a exception to the rule.

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  • mary - 2013-07-09
    I've had Hypnos (Male Ball Python) For about three years. I got him from a neighbor that had to move when he was about a foot long. He is now 5' and the biggest ball of sweet. He loves to give kisses and cuddles. When my roommate was preggers he would curl around her belly and cuddle the baby. I think it is a trait in some ball pythons, but yours is not the only one, and that makes me a happy lady. ~M
gene - 2012-09-06
i had my baby ball python last month she is about to start sheding but i noticed to day she has a dent in her eye i have a 60 what light bulb is that enough or do i need a bigger watt so she can shed al the way with out any problems.

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  • gene - 2012-09-11
    OK I fed my baby ball python her mice to day but when I look in she was eating her mice feet first now would that harm her since she did not eat it head first. I just want to know.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-07
    As long as their is objects to aid in shedding it is fine.  Also some supplements like shed ease out there that helps.
  • Anonymous - 2012-09-08
    I can say now my ball pythons dent has cleared up both eyes are cleared up and she is by her log waiteing to shed I don't know when but she has not moved so I know it will be soon.
  • Lovely bug - 2013-04-30
    When they shed they have eye caps that must shed with the rest of their outgrown skin. Personally my ball python ' Nyx' has trouble shedding his it takes two or three days longer. We crank up the humidity in his enclosure( misting, wadded up wet paper towels, or a luke warm bath normally does the trick). He gets very anxious during this time period, I'd guess because they have a hard time seeing when the eye caps don't shed immediately. We try to give him a little more privacy. Remember to not manually help them with the shed process pulling off the dead skin or things like that can really damage them. Best of luck!
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-01
    You can tell if she is getting to shed, because her coloring will become dull and her eyes will appear cloudy. For a good shed the temperature should be about 75° - 82° F.  They need to have a 60-65% relative humidity in the enclosure, and a good sized water bowl to soak in. The dent in the eye should be gone after it sheds, and probably won't cause any problems. If it does, you may have to rub the cap off, or if that doesn't work, use a tape method to remove it (lightly press a piece of tape to the cap an remove it - it won't hurt the snake to do this).
jesse cagle - 2012-10-07
What does it mean when your Ball Python has a white haze on his body ???

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-08
    Sounds like you are doing all the right things.  It is best not to handle the snake right after shedding.  It is much like someone touching you after a sunburn.  Give the snake a few days before handling.
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-08
    Thanks for all the help. If I need to know anything else I will be back thanks for ur time agin
  • jesse cagle - 2012-10-08
    Thanks. So when he is sheding I should not mess with him? Should I just wait tell he is done or what and how long does it take for him to shed?
  • jesse cagle - 2012-10-08
    So how often will my snake shed or does that depend on how often I feed him and all so how often do you think I need to feed him? I have been feeding him ever 4 to 5 days is that to much or just enough? This is the first time I owned a snake am doing good so far just want to know from some one that really knows about snakes
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-07
    Normally means he is ready to shed.
john - 2012-10-14
Hi, me and my step brother bought some snakes at a reptile show yesterday. My snake (splendida phase desert kingsnake) is in great health,but it's my step brothers snake(hypo pinstripe ball python) that I am worried about. When we set it down to get a better look at it, it reared up like like a cobra and stayed like that for 30 seconds. Is something wrong with it or is it being a normal baby snake?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-14
    As its a new baby ball python, it is probably nervous. See the info on handling above.
jaython - 2012-10-05
So I've had my first pet snake and im really worried that I may be overthinking the proper care of my ball python. I am now starting to notice the skin of the baby ball python is folding and looking as if the skin was pinched...HELP im not sure what to do, but eyes are black so not sure if the skin is wrinkled becuase of a near future shed even if the eye color is still normal (black)

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-06
    Congrats on your first snake.  It could be a couple things.  With the eyes it sounds like it is because of a shed.  Could also be a bit of dehydration which can be combated with soaks or a mister in the tank.
Wild J. Mywildersyde - 2012-09-21
At Gene RE: is it gonna harm your snake to swallow mice backwards. My snake has done that I don't think so, because no harm has come to my snake while feeding him, but the best advice is to get a snake vet to answer

jessica - 2012-09-06
Do you know what it means when the scales and skin on a royal python come off? A royal python where I work started looking ill, not eating and its skin started to look too big for its body. It has not grown since we have had it. The other day we noticed that when you lifted it from the top of its body some kind of liquid which looked like blood but more paler was filling the base of its tail. We left it a couple of days to see if it would go down but it then started leaking out and today another member of staff was trying to get the discharge off its body and the scales at the bottom of its tail slid off. Now the bottom of the body is white and the rest has its scales. What should we do and what could this be?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-06
    It is molting the outer layer so it can get bigger.