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   Like all corn snakes, the albino corn snake makes an excellent pet for the advanced beginner.
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Lisa P. Whitten - 2007-08-15
We have had an albino corn snake since April of this year and LOVE him. He has been the best pet. I just wish I had discovered snakes as pets before I discovered dogs and cats. Very easy to care for. Our albino is very docile, loves to be held, has never coiled or offered to strike, has never hissed. We feed him in a separate plastic container so that he does not associate our hand coming into his home as offering food. In late May, we got a ghost corn snake. We keep her in a separate home than our albino, though they are about the same size (now about 18 inches). She is not as friendly as our albino, though she still has not offered to strike. She does become somewhat apprehensive when you try to pick her up and she does get in the striking position sometimes. She is not as comfortable being held and when in her home, she hides most of the time, while our albino loves lying in his tree or on the sand. We bought them at different stores so I imagine they were handled differently in the stores and that is why they are so different now. Or I guess they could just have different temperaments like people do!

Debbie Heckman - 2007-08-11
I have had Pinky for more than seven years now. He is almost 7 ft. long so he is a couple years older and a couple feet longer than the average Snow Corn Snake. I think it is due to the fact that I keep him active. I let him outside to play in the trees and slither along the ground. He is so laid back that I have yet to see him take off at more than a turtle crawl. Also, I make plans to have him visit the serpentarium for a couple months during the spring season so he can meet the lady snakes. We visit the libraries in our county for special events such as today we will be going to a grand opening for the new library branch on the island. This keeps him people friendly. He loves people and water. Oh and he loves chicken! I have fed mice and rats to Pinky for years; sometimes 2 large rats at a feeding. A month or so ago I was cleaning some chicken breasts for a meal and I had Pinky around my neck. Next thing I know, he is munching on a piece. So, I have made his diet staple chicken breast. It works great for both of us. He gets frisky and tries to get out of his cage now and then. But I recognize that he loves attention and just wants to hang out with us, his family. Love is always the key to a good pet, regardless of what kind of pet you have.

jonathan.D - 2007-06-25
i just got a snow corn snake and she is just so cute. She is getting tame but she hisses when she is woken up. She is also very docile but gets quite active when you first get her out.

April - 2007-02-07
I own four morp corns. They make wonderful pets for the first time snake owner. They are one of the most docile snakes. You must keep in mind that these are animals and have bad days like we all do. They may strike if hungry or scared or if the animal isn't used to being handled. Snakes can strike when you first reach in to remove them from their home. It is best to use a glove or snake hook to remove them. Always, Always research animals before buying, so you know and understand the needs of the animal. Some animals need special lighting or food that costs more than other species. Good luck with your animal.

Abby Collins - 2007-01-29
I got a albino cornsnake on my birthday. I just love him, I would die if I didn't have him. One day I took him to school. After that all my friends wanted one. We bought him a hut. He is in it all the time. We know when Slither is hungry, he sticks his head out of his hut. I don't know if he is a he/she. I call him a he. Slither is still just a baby. When I hold him he curls up in my hand. Slither is the best pet I ever had.

Andy Hunt - 2007-01-15
I just got my albino corn snake and he is so friendly. He/she likes to climb up my shirt and perch on my sholder. He is just a baby but he is so much fun. I recommend this friendly snake to anyone!

Nathan - 2006-10-25
I just recently bought an albino corn snake and he/she is amazing! He's just a baby right now, so he's only about 10-12 inches long but he's very friendly and curious. All of my friends love him! I would recommend the Albino Corn Snake to anyone.

Jaquana P. - 2006-09-15
My animal science teacher has 3 albino corn snakes!...they are just wonderful...2 of the snakes mated..their names are Snowball and Nahco...there is another snake named Frosty!..I luv them death!

- quana boo

Bill D. - 2006-05-03
i have a albino corn snake and he loves living in the water dish all the time and loves to climb a vine i have for him. i am getting a male to breed them and get some eggs hopefully.

james furciniti - 2006-03-23
my teacher has an albino corn snake and i just love it i want to get my own