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The popular Albino Ball Python is one the all time favorite Ball Python color morph!
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Jordan - 2008-01-10
That is a cool looking snake.

Lauren - 2007-11-24
I got my ball python for christmas of 06' and i've loved every minute of having him. He only sheds about once a month. I love the way he feels. He is the best pet I have ever had. I hold him everyday and so does the rest of the family. He is very docile and friendly. He will just sit around my neck and go in my hair. I can walk around with him on my neck like he is a necklace. He was the coolest christmas gift I got that year. He definitely tops clothes. Plus for christmas this year i'm getting an albino python.

Daniel K - 2007-07-20
Actually, balls yawn all the time for no known reason. It does not necessarily mean the snake has a respiratory infection.

Jake - 2007-06-25
I love these snakes, ball pythons are my favorite. I have also found a way to make some extra $$$ that you could try too. I have 2 albino pythons, one female, and one male. they are very beautiful snakes and when they breed there babies are just as beautiful. And thats why they are worth so much, my baby snakes (albino) usually sell for between $2,500 and $3,000. Its a very good way to pay the bills. The snakes usually lay between 4-8 eggs for each clutch. Do a little math and thats quite a bit of money considering that they lay many clutches of eggs during the breeding season. If you are interested in this, go to a site about breeding albino snakes and get all the details.

Colton Crawford - 2007-02-22
I have a ball python and he allways gets out and he gets found in the strangest places. I think snakes are the best pet you can get because it teaches you love, compassion, and skills for other pets as well. Ball pythons are GREAT beginner pets.

Tashawna - 2007-01-02
Snakes are beautiful animals that are fun to handle but you never really know how they feel. This is what makes snakes so mysterious, but cool. I actually have a ball python that is almost 2 years old and 5 and a half feet long. He starts getting really fat but slims down all the time. He also sheds at least 3 times a week or more. This is why snakes are so awesome.