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Daniel - 2011-04-01
Hi I'm Daniel and I have a 5 year old RTB that's about 9 feet long and very healthy. My question is, can she regrow teeth? She was a little hungry a few months back. One of the small cats I had at the time got on her tank and my RTB tried to eat her. She got her teeth stuck in the tank cover and I had to break them to get her unstuck. Will they grow back? Please reply to ( Thanks for your help.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-04-01
    There is a good chance your red tail boa will grow back its teeth. Teeth can be lost during feeding, which necessitates that they have a way of replacing them. Most snakes have several sets of teeth come in throughout their lifetimes.
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judehenne - 2010-01-14
I love snakes. by jude c henne

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  • chase jonsgaard - 2011-03-07
    They're soooooo cool.
chase jonsgaard - 2011-03-07
What type of background should be used for a california kingsnake and how big does the cage need to be?

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Ricky Millen - 2011-02-11
Look for rescue groups. Here in VA the group is called VIIPER. You can get a python for a $30-$80 adoption fee. I just got my first albino female. My wife found her on CraigsList at a good price. ($375 for everything but a heat pad) So look around, there are deals everywhere. Snakes are great pets. They are more fun than one would think especially the right breeds like this one. Just do your research.

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  • Joshua Cook - 2011-02-28
    Do you still have your Albino Python?
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John - 2011-02-08
I have a RTB with a recessive gene leaning towards Albino. The snake shows no aggression at all only hissed once as a baby after shedding.
They are very docile snakes, believe me I owned a Retic and everyday it was a boxing match.

Marie - 2010-03-10
I just got a red tail and she is extremly aggressive. i'm not sure what to do....

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  • Bailey - 2010-03-12
    Red tails are very tame snakes, my husband and I have been raising snakes for the past 8 years. If your snake is showing aggression you can either take her back and see if they will trade the snake for another one or just start handling her all the time to tame her down. Once you build a bond with the snake and show no fear of her you can really enjoy her. I hope every thing works out for you and your snake, they are very cool to have as a pet.
  • Brian - 2010-03-27
    Here's a few things to take into consideration:

    She may be aggressive if she's getting ready to shed. Check for an opaque or bluish tint to her eyes. If they look cloudy, she's probably getting ready for a shed, and it's best to just leave her alone as she will be aggressive due to the fact that her vision is impaired.

    If she's a baby then they may be a bit nippy at first...with more handling they will gentle down.

    Finally, if she has mites or other parasites she will be aggressive. There are plenty of topical medicines available that help take care of that.

    If all else fails, take her to an exotic animal vet and see if there's something else going on. It may just be her personality.
  • crystal and charles - 2010-04-07
    When you have an aggressive snake it is best to handle it as much as possible so it can get use to you and being handled.
  • Brandi - 2010-04-24
    I have some suggestions for you... Feel free to email me at hope to hear from you soon! Brandi
  • Josue Manon - 2010-05-05
    Try to hold the snake and dedicate a lot a lot of time so she can get used to you. Also don't feed the snake in the same cage where she sleeps because when you wanna grab her, the snake will think you are gonna feed her. They are great animals. Tattooxtreeme.
  • mike - 2010-05-09
    If it is a baby WC (wild caught) imported they usually are they cannot determine if you are going to eat them or friend. If baby, wear latex rubber gloves if she does bite, they release they can't stand taste of latex. If that does not work do NOT pull! That could dislodge her teeth and kill her. I use a spatula or alcohol(whiskey) if you use wood(methyl) or isopropyl(rubbing) you can cause her to go blind and die. And do not go from the top of her, because things that want to eat her always come from above. Go from below her and she will get used to you by handling her 3-5 times a week for a lot of years, she will become a great addition to your family. I hope this helps you. If you want email me with comments or questions, I have been doing reptile rescue for over 20 yrs. and there is always something to learn from these majestic creatures! mike-
  • Tina - 2010-05-27
    Hi marie. i have got two a pair the male is my aggressive one. The only way I got him to calm down was to feed him wait a day then I would take him out and handle him as much as poss. The more you handle them and the more you feed will calm her down. Oh and don't feed her in the cage. Take her out feed her and then put her back. If you only get her out to feed every time you go to get her out she will think it's feeding time and will strike.
  • katie - 2010-06-26
    I just saw your post now and if you have solved this problem yet but I got a female red tail boa that was not tame at all and all I did was handle her everyday for about 2 weeks and now she is as tame as ever before every move she would strike but she is much better now, my bf can now hold her and I can take her outside with me and she is fine all I can suggest is handle her as much as you can but if you are scared of getting bit maybe you should find someone who wouldn't mind it is she does strike at them I hope this helps if you have not yet solved her aggression problem.
  • michael - 2010-07-10
    The reason why he is so aggressive is because they probably never got carried. You have to carry him a couple times a day so he could get used to you but it might take some time and don't show that you're scared when you go to hold him/her. He/she is getting used to the new home and it's going to take some time.

    I have a 42inch columbia red tail boa and I had the same problem when I first got him.
  • Tony - 2010-07-15
    Hey marie! I have a few questions to ask you about your boa so that I can help you understand the better nature of its actions! If you would like to speak with me you can E mail me at
    I would like to help you, so get in touch.
  • Jimmy - 2010-07-18
    Get a hold of her cover her head, lay her on top of you and just stroke her from neck to tail a number of times to tame her and get her used to hands touching her. I just recently got 3 boas and a 3.5 ft Columbian bit me and struck at me a few times. I worked with him more than my 5 other snakes and now he is a sweet heart. Never wants to leave my neck. Just happy that he leaves me breathing room. :)
  • Kristen - 2010-11-12
    If she is being aggressive, make sure you are not hand feeding her or she may think your hands are food and don't just take her out to eat otherwise every time the cage opens, that is what she will think it's time for and will strike. While young red tails like to eat frequently and a lot. Try feeding rats of proper size instead of mice and maybe feeding every 5 days instead of the normal 7. Always wash your hands before handling also. If you smell like food to her, then you are and she will strike. Also, never feed her in her tank or they can become very aggressive thinking it's feeding time always! With my old baby, she would eat whenever you would feed her even if it was only 3 days apart and she would eat more than one mouse a feeding.
  • Mandy - 2010-11-18
    Dear marie I too have a red tail who was aggressive I got her when she was a year old....Mine simply wanted more food I feed her 2 times a week opposed to once a week and took more time with her and gained the trust...most of the time we get these snakes whom have been abused and it takes trust.
  • derek - 2011-02-04
    Trade for one that doesn't.
adam - 2011-01-18
What do red tail boas do in winter time? My boa looks dead but it's been days and it don't smell her eyes changed to blue.

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  • Jenna - 2011-01-26
    Your boa is probably shedding. Her eyes are blue or "opaque" and she's not moving because when they are shedding the "opaque" eyes make them basically blind. If she should have started shedding by now since this post is kind of old. But I figured I'd let you know anyway.
  • lee - 2011-02-01
    More than likely your snake is about to shed make sure that the temperature is right and that it has a water container to be able to soak in.
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spencer - 2009-12-02
I love snakes they are my favorite animal but, my mom won't let me get one.

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  • Darlene - 2011-02-01
    I love snakes too. I have one and she is so adorable!
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Redwitch - 2009-06-03
I've had my albino cornsnake for about 12 years. His name is Cayenne (his?). I was raised in a family that included lots of animals. Snakes were just apart of our menagerie... This included 2 king snakes, gopher snakes, alligator, blue belly lizards, garter snakes...etc. At least a dozen of reptiles alone. I acquired Cayenne on the last day of a closing pet store, that I just happened to enter... not wanting to give my money to a big box store. There was hardly anything left in the place but 3 terrariums. Cayenne was one. I felt for these animals and wondered about their fate. I had 40 dollars in my pocket...the lady gave me the whole set up. I had 2 young boys at home, I kind of wanted to raise them the same way. So my kids are gone, the snake is still here... he's been a great pet... but isn't he growing old? How long will he live... if he is getting old (like me!) I want to know how I can best care for him as a senior snake.

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  • brad - 2011-01-26
    About 20 years is the average 4 a corn. Couple more or less.
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bruce - 2011-01-23
Cool snake I have one and she's great even with the kids her name is little miss and she's 3 feet long now.


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