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S Smith - 2007-06-21
Actually, corn snakes will eat other corn snakes, though there are many other reasons for not housing them together. They are solitary animals, and the presence of other corn snakes will stress them out, and may lead to eating problems. If you happen to get a male and a female in the same tank, they will mate and make lots of little snakes that you may not know what to do with. If they mate while they are still fairly small, the female could have egg binding problems and could die. Don't house corn snakes together.

And unlike other reptiles, corn snakes don't need full-spectrum lighting. A little filtered light from the window is all they need.

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  • Francesco - 2010-05-14
    Yes that's perfectly correct I have had my corn snake for about 7 years and he has never required a light of any kind except for the window his tank sits next to, he is a fully grown male and very happy.
  • Mike - 2010-12-17
    Not entirely true, I've had 2 corn snakes for 3 years and they have always been in the same tank. I have a male and a female but if you actually want to breed them, it's kind of a drawn out process that isn't likely going to happen unless you provide the proper conditions. As for the light, that's mostly true, it all depends on where you live. I've Never had issues with my snakes wanting to hurt each other, they were from the same clutch of eggs, so they are very close to each other in size.
  • Call me Jane - 2011-01-28
    I've been told that cannibalism is rare in corn snakes, especially adults. Mine often seek out the company of their cage-mates as they are housed together in a large tank and will cram together in the same hide box rather than use the multiple (and identical) hides provided. They are healthy and eat like piglets so don't think I would say they are particularly stressed. Snakes in the wild often den together and don't seem terribly perturbed by their neighbors. None of my corn-snake owning acquaintances have ever had any trouble with co-habitating corns - aside from the obvious potential for promiscuous breeding so I would think that empiric evidence supports co-habitation.
  • sarah - 2012-02-19
    Mike is right. It is not true for one corn snakes wanting to eat another corn snakes can easly be put in a tank together. I mean if they really wanted to eat each other there would be no baby corn snakes would there and you can't just sit a corn snake by a window they need heat. I mean your house might be 85 degrees but mine is not. Sure a corn snake can survive with out proper heating and yes I agree they don't need heat bulbs but if you really care about your corn snake you sould give it all you can to keep your snake healthy. I mean almost every thing you said was wrong because I have checked every website every book wrote down so many notes and have corn snakes of my own to know your wrong
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Lex Bradley - 2012-02-17
I got my red tail black a while ago when she was a year old and so far she's been fairly good. Growing fast. I was thinking about getting rid of her sometime when she gets really big but then again I might not because I want to work with animals when I get a job and having her would help a lot.

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Mary-Jo - 2010-07-24
I have a 1 year old BP Bailey is her name she was given to me and I love her she is a great addition to our family, she is very friendly as every time we are in the room she tries to climb up the cage to see what we are doing and so on, My question is why does she poop so much? She eats 1 live mouse every 7 days I have had her for 3 weeks and she has already pooped several times I was wondering if this was normal, sometimes the poo is white and other times it is brown and I am not sure if this is what she is supposed to be doing as I am a new owner and want to make sure that I do everything right so that she has a nice and comfy very healthy life. Thanks for all your help,

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  • Paul Jr. - 2010-08-30
    I believe white is atually the snake urine, and the brown is the feces. I wouldn't say it is harmful to the snake because my Ball Python does that 2. I've had her for almost 5 years and she's been as healthy as can be, so I wouldn't say it is harmful.
  • Lindsey - 2010-09-26
    The white "poop" you're seeing is pee, ball pythons somehow adapted to make their pee hard idk how but that's probably what you're seeing.
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jesse - 2011-12-18
I got 2 normal ball pythons a pastel and getting my albino friday!!! They are all adult males.. I'm trying to find a female spider ball no luck yet

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Carrie - 2012-02-06
I just got my first Red Tail Hog Island cross today.She is fat and very alert. We named her Josephine. I have 8 other snakes in the house. But, she is my first large snake. I am very excited to watch her grow. My other half is scared to death of my pets. Any tips of how to get him over it? I wish he shared my love for reptiles.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-16
    Yeah, I wish he shared your love for reptiles too. Some people just don't... strange huh:)
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Rachel - 2009-02-27
We have three: a tricolor female, a tangerine male, and an albino female. They are all only a few months old. The albino was only added last week and she is very bitey around feeding time. We keep all three in a 30 gal and have not had any issues thus far. As a matter of fact they like to den together. We use coconut bedding atop calisand. We also have a little tupperware dish with moistened terrarium grass and they love to hide in it. It was what helped out tri female with her first shed. All of them are albout 20-25" in length and are comfortably eating a pinky and fuzzy or two fuzzies each week (although they are starting to hunt for more). Overall they are great!

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  • Anonymous - 2012-02-02
    you shouldnt keep them together because if one of them goes through a growth spert and gets bigger tan the other two it will eat them
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Mikayla - 2012-01-13
My Albino Red Rat Snake,Alby, has been healthy for 2 weeks, which is as long as I've had him. We lost him in our house for a week and we found him only to be introduced by Cleo, the baby Columbian Red-Tail Boa. Alby was really mad when we found him, but I held him and thought he'd be okay. Today however, when I picked him up, he had a dent that went from one side of his body to under him and it was caved half-way in. He was also harder than usual. This started freaking me outl I thought it was of dehydration, but Alby had plenty of water and was resting in it for an hour yesterday AND today. Please tell me what's wrong with my little Alby.

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  • Mikayla - 2012-01-22
    I forgot to mention that he was hurt AFTER he was found, I don't know how. Like, when I found him, perfect condition, day later, bump.
James Coleman - 2012-01-11
Hi I just got my baby albino yesterday and was just wondering that when I try to get him out he keeps striking should I still pick him out after he has done this to tame him down,?

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  • Mikayla - 2012-01-13
    Yes, I have one myself and he got out and was lost for a week. We found him behind the file cabinet right after we got a new Columbian Redtail Boa, anyways. My snake was striking and shaking his tail like a Rattle Snake. I was scared, but they have no teeth and are really small when babies. I tamed mine pretty quick. If he continues doing this, pick him up with a paper towel to tame him more efficiently. Hope you enjoy you Albino Red Rat Snake! :)
anonomys - 2011-10-24
What does it mean when a snake makes a sneezing sound? Does it mean they are hissing and angry? My snake Pinky always makes sounds like that and I don't know what it means.

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  • Random person - 2011-10-24
    I do not know..........
  • Mikayla - 2012-01-03
    Well it depends. Sometimes their angry and they try striking your hand and they make a sort of sneezing sound. Sometimes it's just plain sneezing. If you could send some sort of video somewhere sometime,maybe I could figure it out. BTW I think the name Pinky is really cute,since they eat Pinky mice and things ;)
  • Graham Marshall - 2012-01-03
    If it's sneezing often, then it can be down to respiratory problems, you need to check the humidity of your setup, because you may be giving him a cold, if he continues, or he looks like there's any discharge from his nose mouth or eyes, then you need to get him checked out by a vet.
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rustant e. catarina - 2011-12-26
we should take care everything that has life even snakes....


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