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The Striped Scorpion is very small scorpion, but its sting carries a big punch!
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Anonymous - 2006-07-09
I have found that for a single scorpion or pregnant or hatched female, a plastic ice cream bucket works fine until the mothers young start to wander. then a ten gallon tank is nessasary to keep the young alive.

Anonymous - 2006-06-07
The best way to house these are in species specific arachnovariums. Making a ten gallon fishtank into an eclosure for scorpions could lead to not only a waste of time but with simply made errors in construction, the lost of a scorpion that could cause severe issues with children that get stung by an escapee. Don't risk it. Purchasing an arachnovarium for this wonderful communial scorpion will offer much enjoyment as well as peace of mind.

We've found in our projects that C.v. enjoy both climbing structions like felled and standing pine trees as well as debris on the floor. We do mist ours every other night. Other then the substrate that we designed for these, most items of decor can be found in your back yard or park. Oak leaves, dried pine bark, dead hollow logs and securely fitting stones (vivarium mortar bonds to anything). These striped scorpions, Centroides vitattus, make great captives.