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The Malaysian Forest Scorpion is hardy and attractive black scorpion, but is also aggressive!
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john - 2010-01-24
Scorpions are not hermaphrodites. The male and female will clench pedipalps and "judder," sometimes "cheliceral kiss", release, and the male will deposit his spermatophore and guide the female over it. She picks it up, then you get mini scorpions later.

jeff - 2009-10-06
Scorpions are hermaphrodite they get pregnant every 6 months. mine gave give birth twice and 18 pcs.

Raejie Juance - 2008-04-14
Yeah do you have a pic of your scorpion? anyway i have two malaysian forest scorpion and at 1st stage like 5-8 months young the skin is like dark green and now my malaysian forest scorpion is 1 and 3 months old and they molted 4 times already.. and now their color are pure black.. size is like 4 inches up to tail. You can also check the pix of my malaysian forest scorpion on my gallery.

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berny (philippines) - 2007-11-30
I think you have an H. laoticus pictured not an H. spinifer. I have both and successfully reproduced from both species. I handle these on a daily basis and had been pinched only once, when i stupidly picked up this laoticus a little too quickly. They DO NOT readily sting but will try to scare you off by doing a quick pinch. If you want to see some action, give them something large for them thats frisky, a locust, large roach or even a small mouse. =)

harry - 2007-09-21
I have 23 of these in a 75 gallon terrarium. They are so amazing, especially under a black light.

Owen - 2007-07-16
My Malaysian Forest Scorpion is 8 1/2 inches in length and is VERY AGGRESSIVE! if you move her cave while she is beside it, she pinches it and her tail sometimes strikes it. Same goes with anything that moves near her! Very cool pet and very hardy. Have had her for 4 years, and she has gone through 3 molts in my possesion.

buck - 2007-06-05
Real cool pets: they are classified under Family Scorpionidae, genus Heterometrus, Species spiniferis.

Raejie Juance - 2007-04-22
Just be sure to know first the basics to take good care of your scorpion... Its so fun to have them.