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The Malaysian Forest Scorpion is hardy and attractive black scorpion, but is also aggressive!
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Anonymous - 2014-08-10
What temprature do you have your scorpion at guys.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-13
    They need a temperature between 75° - 90 °F  with 75-80% humidity.
Jing Juance (Bacolod, Philippines) - 2008-03-11
These exotic pets are best pets for display not for "hands-on". my malaysian forest scorpions are 2 1/2 inches (not including the tail) 11 months old and it molts 3 times already.. they are better than the emperor because they move very often and you can see it's perfect scorpion appearance.. remember: handle it with care.

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  • eiann - 2014-05-27
    Can you handle your malaysian rainforest scorpion?
  • Zahid Khan - 2014-07-13
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Akbar Khan - 2013-04-30
ey there i have 2 asian rainforest scorpions...i keep them in a glass tank which is app 1 and a half feet lenght. I have a heat lamp to generate heat for humidity but the problem is that the tank is not covered thus making the humidty in the tank last for a very short time...any suggestions???

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-04-30
    You can try adding a aquarium heater to a jar of water.  This can give constant humidity.
  • Akbar Khan - 2013-05-02
    hey thx for the advise...i shall try to get that :)
  • Fadhli Jaffar - 2013-07-09
    Alternatively, you can get a cheap usb air humidifier placed in the tank. They kind of make vapours which cools the surrounding air naturally. It also simulates the morning dew found in the early mornings of the rainforest. So you only need to run the humidifier once a day. One small humidifier holds water to last about an hour, which is just nice enough to moisten the air throughout the day. 
akbar khan - 2013-04-30
hey there i have 2 asian rainforest scorpions...i keep them in a glass tank which is app 1 and a half feet lenght. I have a heat lamp to generate heat for humidity but the problem is that the tank is not covered thus making the humidty in the tank last for a very short time...any suggestions???

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-01
    Nice pets! but it does sound like you need to come up with some sort of cover to contain the humidity. Maybe a piece of glass or acrylic laid on top would work.
Ashley Render - 2011-10-06
Hi I recently brought a Asian scorpion I've had him for 2 days know he is only about an inch and half. I tried to feed him one cricket the day I got him but instead of giving him one 4 fell in he hasn't eaten any as yet but seems to play with them. Shall I take some out or leave him to eat wen he is hungary

Josh - 2010-09-20
How many times does a giant blue scorpion molt in a month? And how many months does it take to grow?

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  • Tom Odell - 2011-05-02
    It is quite different with all scorpions. Younger ones molt monthly, while older specimens molt very rarely. You can tell if they are due, the exoskeleton looks like it will burst and they won't eat.
josh - 2011-10-10
I need help on how to care a new born malaysian forest scorpion. It gave birth to two. I'm wondering why it gave birth. I got it from a friend last feb. 2010 and on this day it gave birth without a male. how come?..tnx

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-28
    They can breed for a couple of months before they actually lay eggs.  They can also just lay eggs. 
Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
I have owned 2 of these. The one I have currently is a 2 inch female (not including the tail). She has pinched me once. It was a hard pinch. I have held her numerous times and she has not yet made an effort to sting me. She is skittish at first but soon settles down.
If you have an chance to get one GET IT. In my own personal opinion if you want something more "unpredictable" than an emperor scorpion this is it. I am not going to lie to you, they can and will sting if mishandled. But from what I heard from a friend of mine, it is more discomfort that actual pain!

Luke Luke - 2012-11-03
To anyone that reads this. I am 15 and have had a few scorpions. They can be aggressive and they can be docile. But the main thing i noticed is that they are like snow flakes. You never get two alinke. I have a Malaysian forest scorpion and it is the most friendless thing in the world. Its all about how its brought up from a baby.

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  • David Brough - 2012-11-04
    Do you breed your own scorpions then? It would be cool to get some info on that.
  • Gordon - 2012-11-28
    The parents did know. We just dediecd it was safer than other things you could have tried like going to look for lions or swimming in the river with hippos.
Chicco - 2011-06-27
i think your wrong sir... heterometrus longimanus or asian giant forest scorpion is more defensive than the pandidus emperator or commonly known as the emperor scorpion.. pls check your info...ty very much

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-28
    Hi Chicco. I am not sure who you are adressing in your comment but I looked up some information on both the Asian Forest and the Emporer for your information and for the person you are addresssing. In one source it is clearly stated that the "Asian Forest Scorpions are good for the beginner that wants to try something more aggressive than an Emperor Scorpion". In a second article I found that the "forest scorpion is more aggressive than the emperor scorpion. They can be kept in groups, but it is not recommended due to their aggressive nature. They will assume a defensive posture more easily and are more likely to protect themselves with their pincers". Then in Animal World it states that the "Malaysian Forest Scorpions or Asian Forest Scorpion is hardy, quiet, and easy to care for. It is also impressive to look at. But unlike the Emperor Scorpion it is not handleable. It is quite defensive and will readily sting when it feels cornered or in danger". The Asian Scorpion according to 3 reliable sources (including Animal World) back your statement in the Forest Scorpion being more defensive than the Emporer. Does this help? Come on in and join us - you have the kind of knowledge we like to have around.