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The Flat Rock Scorpion is one of the most fascinating and primitive scorpions in the world!
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dr. dirk ragasa - 2008-04-10
I just bought my flatrock and emperor scorpion as well as my huahini, chilean rose, and king baboon tarantulas. It's really a wonderful set of exotic pets that I have now. Nice one to boot. dr. dirk ragasa

Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
The Flat Rock Scorpion is just as adorable as the Emperor Scorpion. I have owned 2 and the one I currently own is a 5 inch female excluding the tail. She is gentle and the only scorpion my 6 year old son will hold for now. She LOVES to be held and her back rubbed! I would recommend this over the emperor scorpion only because it is a lot harder to get SOMETIMES!

Heather - 2007-04-30
I love my flat rock scorpion! At first, I wondered why I even got her because I am terrified of spiders and other bugs that could possibly bite or sting you, but the longer I have her, the more I love her. She is the most docile scorpion I have seen, so it is easy to care for her without the fear of being stung. I can grab her water dish from right in front of her and she won't pinch or sting me. She is definitely the best pet I have ever had and I couldn't be happier!