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The Flat Rock Scorpion is one of the most fascinating and primitive scorpions in the world!
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denise - 2012-01-19
the flat rock scorpion we have had babies a month ago and have been seperated from mother into dixie cups how should they be watered

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-01-19
    Use a small flat container, like a baby food jar lid. Cut a piece of sponge to fit in the lid and thenfill it with water. This way they can get a drink without drowning.
  • Sheri Van Riper Miller - 2012-02-03
    You shouldnt have to give them any type of water. They will get all the moisture they need to get through their first instar, from the mother. As for offering water when they are away from mom, they will get all moisture from the food. If you really feel as though they need a drink (worried like me) you can spray a little bit of distilled water on the side of the deli tubs you should be keeping them in. But never more than once every 2 weeks. And make sure the water will evaporate with in 4 to 6 hours, so to reduce the risk of mycosis. You can go to or Both places have alot of information.
    Hope this helps.
tabitha - 2011-01-21
When I lived in oklahoma I actually had found a scorpion that looked like a flat rock scorpion but with dark red markings on its sides and it's weird I can't find any records of anything like it so I don't know strange. If you find any thing let me know it would definitely clear my mind.

danny - 2011-10-11
Hi my flat rock scorpion has just had babies. Can I put all the babies in a vivarum together ? I dont wanna loose any of them

oscar abney - 2011-05-09
Are females always chubby because i had mine for 3 years still no babies?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-09
    It takes several 3 - 4 for many scorpions to reach sexual maturity. The Flat Rock male looks thinner than the female because his tail is so long and so his body looks leaner. The female carries the babies inside for up to 18 months and then the babies are born live. So she could be fatter because she is, fatter because she looks that way or fatter because she is pregnant. She would have about 25 - 30 babies. So lots of luck.
Henkie van Rensburg - 2012-05-31
Hi I don't know anything about scorpions, this is the most info I've ever read on the rock scorpion. But, I have a problem. I do not want them as pets, but strangely they picked me? We have found two of them (in the last two months) in our home, even another specie as well, definitely poisonous, looking at the small claws and the fat tail - this one was yellow. All I want to know is - why do they come inside? What should I do to prevent this? I have small grandchildren, and I do not want them to be stung. Can anyone help me with any ideas? Pretty please?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-01
    I would be concerned about scopions getting into the home. I would call an exterminator but I would try and find out how they are getting into the house. Is there a hole for example around a plumbing fixture. Check around the house for any entrances that they can be using and plug them up with that foam that hardens. They are not little spiders so hard to just sneak in so I would think an opening into the home.
  • TG - 2012-11-20
    I was just going to add that sometimes, or when I lived in Texas anyway, they would come in from the outside when it was damp out. Humid day, rainy, etc. There are ways to help control it from happening. Give an exterminator a call and they should be able to give you some tips so that they might not have to come out. Good luck! Oh, and use the internet to your advantage...there is a wealth of info. I will see if I can find anything else out for you.
Laurie - 2011-02-08
We recently purchased a scorpion from a local pet shop, after researching it, we discovered it`s a she. We`ve had her about a week, she isn`t eating and has become swollen. we haven`t handled her, so I don`t think it`s stress, the tank temp averages 78 degrees and she has adequate humidity. She`s still active at night but I`m beginning to worry. Any ideas?

B.I.L. - 2010-05-15
I have 2 Hadogenes paucidens, at about 2 inch, and they didn't ever molt. I have them for about one year, can someone help me? They eat and they have everything they need, but I don't know what's the problem, they seem to refuse to grow.

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  • Ron - 2010-11-22
    Mate it sounds like you must've mistakenly got a different type of flat rock scorpions, there are many others and most of them only grow to about 2 inches.
ekram - 2010-07-29
I just got a flat rock scorpion and I'm wondering on how to maintain the humidity inside the tank cause my cover is a screen top cover so it is basically open-air.....and how often should I feed him? I got three crickets when I got him and now I'm not sure if he actually ate one cause one of them hid inside the shelter that I put inside and now I only see two crickets inside......and one more thing, is it normal for him to be on the hot spot of the tank where I placed the heat pad? I have two falt stones and his on top of it the whole day....

Liam . M. Love - 2009-12-30
I love my scorpion so much. One day Rocky was as still as a rock. When I picked him up he wasn't moving. I was convinsed he was dead so I was upset but the next day he was moving so I was jumping for joy. I love my scorpion!

Christie M. - 2008-10-28
I just bought my new flat rock scorpion and I love it ever so much! It is almost as cute as my 2 puppies!