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The Black Emperor Scorpion is the ideal starter pet for a scorpion enthusiast!
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Ruben - 2010-08-24
I have a Scorpion that just had babies, after they leave the mothers back should I separate them from the mother? Or should I leave them in the same habitat?

jose r. martinez - 2010-07-31
Can an emperor scorpion and a malaysian scorpion live together in the same tank?

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  • scorpion man 420 - 2010-08-06
artem - 2010-06-15
I just got 2 emperors and am wondering about the humidity levels. I read that the tank should be misted several times a day and should be above "50". well the lamp placed on one side of the tank keeps getting too warm in there i guess so the humidity level drops low.... I keep spraying it more than twice, any ideas on what happens if it doesn't stay over 50 as the guide says or even how to keep the humidity levels up in the tank so I don't keep spraying it? Thanks guys...

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  • Dave Robertson - 2010-06-26
    Alright there, been keeping spiders myself but recently got a scorpion. Kept much the same though, they burrow to hide and to cool off. I wouldn't use a lamp but would use a heat mat secured to side of yer tank covering a third approx. This will keep a cold and warm side of tank and humidity should be fine after this- one spray a day should do. A small humidity gauge stuck inside your tank is a good idea too.
clavin - 2009-12-15
The stinger of my emporer's tail has gotten red and swollen over the last few days and doesn't look good. Any feedback...

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  • pete - 2010-04-13
    Mine is the same way, Ia m sure it's normal.
  • Ryan - 2010-06-24
    This may mean that the scorpion is entering adulthood, because as the scorpion grows out of it's juvenile state, it's sting turns red and may grow in size a little.
Vicky - 2010-04-15
I have owned my 2 emperor scorpions for about a year now and they're great! Every so often the female will come out of hiding and just stands with her bum in the air, why does she do this?

James - 2010-01-06
I have had a Scorpion as a classroom pet for a while now. It became very sluggish, and acts almost dead if not dead. I have added food, crickets, and it has plenty of I missing something? How will I know if it does die? Should I wait for a period to see if it is just in molt, and recovers?

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  • warren - 2010-03-17
    Wat ever happened?, cuz my Chinese red claw scorpion is doin the same thing as I speak an I see that this was posted awhile back, appreciate the info if ever someone replies.
  • Editor's Note - 2010-03-18
    Scorpions tend to be very sluggish for a day or two right before molting. Check the information above for reasons why they may have difficulty molting, i.e. humidity. Also... check to make sure the temperature is in the range they require.
Ryan - 2010-01-05
For in depth knowledge of arachnids, you should visit a hobbyist site like arachnoboards, scorpionforums, insect geeks, and the like.

Tyler - 2009-12-02
Today I came home, after an eye appointment, to see my male scorpion eating the face off the female emperor scorpion. Been with me for a couple days now, fed the male and then he kept stealing the females food, and finally decided to eat her.

groggs77 - 2009-09-14
My emperor scorpion decided to have its babies while I went on holidays. It looks like there's about 20 of them. I can't count them properly as they're all huddled up on her cool.

seetreeon torres - 2009-05-11
Hello! :D. My name is seetreeon and i have a mature emperor scorpion, her back leg is messed up. i need help on treating it. can you please tell me what to do. the tank is perfectly set up. it has 75-80 humidity and i have peat as the substrate. i do spray the moss and the peat with water so she can not be mad. how come her leg is messed up? and how do i keep mites out of my tank? and how do they get in?