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The Desert Hairy Scorpions are the largest scorpion species in the United States!
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Charles - 2010-02-26
I just got my desert scorpion today as well. It is fairly small but that's ok it has lots of room to grow. Wonderful looking scorpions they are.

S.R. - 2008-03-17
I have just purchased a desert hairy and was told by the shop keeper, after HE inspected it, that it may be pregnant due to its swollen stomach. He did this with a look on his face that wasn't fitting but on reading this care sheet, I think he knew that this scorpion probably had an ailment. Thank you for this care sheet, very informative.

Andy - 2008-01-28
I have just gotten a 2 cm baby hadrurus arizonensis, captive bred of course. It's got one hell of an apetite and it's great to handle. Hopefully won't have any molting problems as he grows. Great Care Sheet. Thanks.

rap c nesbit - 2007-10-27
i have just purchased my new desert hairy scorpion and she is gourgeous! She may sting a little, but i just quickly pull my hand back. They are very cute and docile, lovey!