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The Green Iguana is one of the most popular pet lizards, but it grows big... very big!
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Cynthia Annett - 2008-09-24
This is hard to believe but we live next to a pond in Loveland, Ohio (Cincinnati suburb) and today just spotted a green iquana sitting on the rocks next to the pond. It is defintely not a lizard but an iguana because there are spines running down his/her back. I know he/she will die when it gets cold. Anyone have any ideas? Should I call the zoo? It is now Sept, 24th and it's supposed to get cold next week.

Anonymous - 2008-08-10
You should never use heat rocks, they can cause serious burns for iguanas. Need to look up temps... UVB tubes 5.0, 8.0, 10.0, compacts can cause eye damage. Iguanas should NEVER be put in a 10 gallon tank.

krissy - 2007-10-21
Hi my name is Krissy. I have an iguana named Grover. I have had him now for about 13 years. He is so pretty, has the most beautiful colors you have ever seen in an iguana, and he has never dropped his tail(it's as strong as a brick, guess I've taken good care of him). Grover is my pride in joy and he is a great pet. A little mean, but we deal with that... haha

Denise - 2007-07-28
We have a huge iguana called 'Bob'. He has lived with us for 14 years, from being of a size that fitted into a small plastic tub. He has had many homes, including a shed in my dining room (!) to his present home, the whole end of my dining room. Whilst being a softie at times (with my husband, who is able to judge his moods and knows when to stay away / put his hand in and stroke the top of his head). For myself, I tend to keep away, as Bob knows when my hormones are on the go and reacts more aggressively.
Bob tends to eat Brocoli, cat biscuits, oranges, grapes. In the past he's eaten sausages (watch those fingers!) and a finch (which we thought would be safe in there! Big mistake! Lasted three days, kept landing on Bob, he learned the flight path and one swallow later....
He is cute though- he likes you to blow through the gaps of his home onto his face, bob your head, and talk to him.

Emelly Cruz - 2007-07-26
Hello, well my green iguana Littlefoot loves it when i sleep with him. Hes been around my family for 12 years and hes living la vida loca. He enjoys being out in the sun and taking baths lol!

Brianna - 2007-05-19
My iguana (Lewis Michealangilo Kiniski) loves it when I talk to him! I will feed him then talk to him for about an hour! He loves it! Also he loves when I pet his head and neck!

alby - 2007-04-25
I like your web-site because I learned what that black stuff crawling around its neck was(mites and ticks). Now my iguana walks around healthy.

Aysha - 2007-03-16
I love your web site because not only does it have pics and facts but I re-wrote my own fact book using some off your facts, and since my parents know I know how to look after one I might get one! I will name it Rex! Thanks 4 your help!

kristy - 2007-02-10
i have a greene female and male iguana i hope that the female is going to be alright because she looks very pregnant... they are cool reptiles my 4&6 year old love them..... kris.....

Iv - 2007-01-31
I love my iguana (emrald). he is so cool and he loves me and i love him so much. he likes to climb on my shoulder and we love to watch movies together. i love baby green iguana. iguanas rock!