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The Green Anole, dubbed the American Chameleon, has an amazing ability to change colors!
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Tia-Marie - 2006-06-17
I have a young green anole named Jumper. I originally bought him because my sister was diagnosed with a skin disease and I felt very bad. Well right away my mother told me a one gallon tank I had was not big enough! So we went right out and bought him a 10 gallon tank, a water dish, heating lamps, a spraybottle, dirt, forest moss, little logs, and wood chips. He was so happy and enjoyed this supremely. At first though we had thought he, was a she! We figured out that little Jumper was a guy the moment he started flashing his strawberry dewlap. He is very cute and loveable, he will change colors just to get you to take him out of his cage, and many a night have our family fell asleep with him in our hands. He's just so sweet and loving.