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The Green Anole, dubbed the American Chameleon, has an amazing ability to change colors!
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nlya dantzler - 2008-01-25
Anoles are so cute and small, we have some in our class.

ABBY - 2007-12-31
I live in Indiana and I have 2 green anoles, and I enjoy watching them change colors a lot. I have had a terrarium for quite some time with a tree frog and a fire bellied toad. I read that they are compatible and so I got Noel (we got him on Christmas eve) and Barker. Later, when one showed it's dulap, I found that one is male and one is female. Maybe they might breed!(I have plenty of moist peat moss.)

Monica - 2007-11-16
My green anoles are Izzy, Greeny and Scar. It's fun to watch them eat rollie pollies and other bugs.

Travis - 2007-11-10
my green anole is awesome. good for kids. they don't ever bite, scratch, or whip their tails. they are the only iguana that can change colors, they only change from green to brown. really cool!

Matt - 2007-07-17
I have six green anoles; king kong, lady, tiger, ligtning, and lil raskle. And i study them so i can help them. I am trying to get them some food now.

Andy - 2007-04-30
I live in southern california and have released about 15 green anoles in my backyard, this has been 4 years ago. they are still around and I often see babies cruising around. It's alot of fun to watch them outdoors.

NASHANEY - 2006-11-09
I am a fifth grader at kipp academy. in science we learned about chameleons, it was so cool. she is giving them away because she wants them to have a home!

Stephen Birkner - 2006-09-11
I have cared for anole lizard's and most of the ones I've had are aggresive and bite, but some of them are able to be handled and picked up. Others like the one's I've had are wild not like some people have had. mine are always mean and eventually I haved to let them go

victoria - 2006-07-03
I have male green anole named Jack, i needed help naming him so i asked my friend and when she said "Jack" i knew it was perfect. Jack is very... odd when it comes to mating and since he lives out side but stays in my yard he has a lot of freedom about mating. i see him mating with a female every three days during mating season! I've tried keeping his females in a 3 gallon tank (normally only two at a time) to see if they'll lay eggs in the habitat, the only problem... I DON'T KNOW WHAT GREEN ANOLE EGGS LOOK LIKE! I think one lizard layed one egg one time. it was yellow, it was an oval shape, and it had some white on it to. But Jack is pretty cool!

Katy Skalsky - 2006-06-27
i lov my anoles! i hav a boy and a girl! One is named Emmie, the other Lizzie. i can't believe how small Emmie is. I love my lizards and i will forever!
Their birthdays: lizzie 4/9/2006 Emmie:4/16/2006
i LOV my babies!

from Katy Skalsky
to nobody!!!!