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The Green Anole, dubbed the American Chameleon, has an amazing ability to change colors!
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Frankie - 2011-11-17
Hi, I have 1 anole whose name is Lizzy. I got her while on vacation at Bethany beach Delaware. I got her for 20$ (rip off). She's a cutie, but one of the main reasons I bought her was because I love to hold reptiles. So I shoved my hand in her cage and she scrunched up as small as possible in a corner and I touched her back and she bit me right on my pointer finger. I have had her 4 like 5 months and she still doesn't want to be held. Any help because I'm thinking about giving her 2 my classmate and getting a snow corn snake to hold. PLZ HELP.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-18
    I don't know if this will help or not as I am not at all familar with snakes but my human thinks a bearded dragon is a really neat pet and they seem to like the attention. They come in a wide variety of colors and like their humans.
DJ - 2008-11-20
I had a green anole and he was scared of me in a weird way. I was cleaning the tank and picked him up the way it old me to, and he jus grabbed my finger and bit me, am I gonna get poisoned or something, besides that he was a cutie.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-06-04
    No, you won't be poisoned, he just doesn't trust you yet. If you do find a way to gently pick him up, I suggest rubbing his underbelly. Apply slight pressure, making sure he doesn't feel crushed. After a few days of this, he will look forward to your approach!
  • Gianna - 2010-06-13
    No you will not get poisoned, but you should disinfect your hand because Green Anoles or "American Chameleons" carry a Salmonella Disease. Wash your hands before and after you touch your pet. Good Luck!
  • christian - 2010-07-14
    No you won't get poisoned but wash your hands.
  • Ann - 2010-10-27
    No, unless it was a gila monster or a Mexican beaded lizard, you don't have to worry. Just wash the cut in warm water and apply some antibacterial cream to it. Apply a band-aid and you'll be on the mend.
  • Matthew Kolva - 2011-04-28
    You wont get poisoned as there are only two poisonous (I think that's the right word). Any how there are only two lizards, the gila monster and the mexican beaded lizard. You should wash the wound if there is any and if he bites again dont try to pull him off you can break his jaw because he will try to hold and he's a tiny thing so your gonna break his jaw. Just stay calm. Animals pick up on fear and let him release his jaw. I've had anoles before and be careful not to spook him next time
  • chris N. - 2011-06-15
    No way you're not piosioned I got bit by rex ( my green anole ) and I'm still alive
Blaze - 2010-11-22
I currently have a male American green anole & he isn't shy at all. In fact when I try to put him in his tank he clings to my finger and refuses to go back in. However I think he may be sick because he hasn't touched his crickets/mealworms or drank in 3 days so I'll have to take him to my local reptile pet clinic later today.

Cary H. - 2009-12-05
I live in northwest Indiana, while working on a machine in our fab shop a small lizard ran out from under the machine. I quickly caught it and have him at home. I didn't think Green Anole's were from this area.

joleen - 2009-12-03
I had 4 green anoles, but one that I had for 5 years past away today. Their names are mothra (the one that died), nubby (his taill fell off), scrawny (shes so tiny), and scabbers(a little fellow who likes to bite). Nubbys real name was godzilla but one day when I took him out of the tank to put him in the feeding cage his tail fell off. He now has an inch long tail but he's so cute, he always manages to get out of the tank and sit in the window.

Noel - 2009-04-19
My cat, Buddy-Boy, went out this morning and some way smuggled a Green Anole into the house and I found it this afternoon, between my two cats minus a tale barely breathing. I took it outside, but it grabbed onto my finger and wouldn't let go. I sat on the steps and held my finger on a plant leaf. I attempted to give it (he or she) H2O and finely it opened it's mouth wide, enabling me to give it a drop and let go of my finger, and put it on a leaf. Well, it was still having great difficulty breathing, but at least it was trying. It finally fell off the plant leaf onto my front steps, so I have put it in a plastic container with grass, some H2O and other outdoor things - out of harms way. I hope it will make it.

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  • Steven - 2010-04-10
    It's happening to me but I caught mine wild in South Carolina and I've had it about a year but it was fully grown when I caught it but it's barely breathing and won't drink any water.
Valencia - 2009-01-18
I used to catch anoles and keep them as as pets. They were always docile and easy to handle. My favorite one would ride everywhere on my shoulder. I was riding my bike and he fell off of my shoulder. I freaked out when I realized he was gone. When I returned home from looking for him, he was sitting on my front porch. Also he was so still and so green people always thought he a decorative piece of jewelry like a broach or a pin.

Since I moved north where they are not available in the wild, I've been into a few a pet stores to check into buying another one. But the ones in the pet stores are spastic and I could not tame them like the wild ones. So I probably will not own another one until I move back south and just catch them in the wild!!

Anonymous - 2008-11-07
I have a green anole that we caught. He is very tame and was easy to catch. We were on a field trip when we caught them. A lot of students caught them.

Rod Williams - 2008-08-01
I have several Green Anole Geckos around our pool area. They have been there for several years. Fun to watch. I live in the north Texas area. Today, for the first time, I noticed one that seemed to be shedding it's skin. Is this common? It ate the white thin coating as it became loose.

How may I insure they get the proper feeding?

Emily - 2008-06-04
I have 2 green anoles. One, I bought while I was on vacation last summer at myrtle beach, and recently my uncle brought me another from his Georgia hunting trip. The new one is significantly smaller than the other and I am unsure whether to put them in the same tank or leave them separated. The larger one is constantly showing his dewlap, I'm not sure whether he just sees his reflection or he is in the "mood". I would like to put them together and see if they mate or not, but I don't want the smaller one to get eaten or something. So if anyone has any experience in this area, I would like to learn more about this process.