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The Leopard Gecko is hardy and easy to care for, making it one of the best starter lizards!
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joshua - 2006-08-27
i think that leopard geckos are cool. i didnt get one yet, but im getting one soon and i think that you should get one too if your getting a lizard

Roger Lewis - 2006-07-27
i have a leopard gecko. we have had him for a couple years now. He is very tame and doesnt bite. i love him!

Andy - 2006-05-16
I have had a leopard gecko for 4 years now. It is very fun to play with but very fast. It is the easy animal to take care of, and the best pet i've ever had. When it was about a year old i got it. To make sure it is calm when i hold it i hold it a lot so it can get use to me holding it. Leopard geckos rock!

Gir - 2006-04-09
I have a baby gecko and he is very fun to watch. Expecially when it`s time for him to eat. I like his little tail shake. These geckos are awesome and I recommend people get one if you are searching for a lizard.

Anonymous - 2006-04-08
I have recently purchased a leopard gecko, and she is very friendly. Those looking for a hardy reptile pet that doesn't cost too much or isn't too hard to care for, you should definitely get one of these. I've only had mine about a month and she already perches on my should without a care. I think a leopard gecko is the perfect animal for those who want a unique pet that they can show off to their friends, which is exactly what I do. :)

Anonymous - 2006-03-09
My leopard gecko is very tame. I handle it evey day

T.J.R. - 2006-02-23
I think you should add a fact sheet.But the rest is GREAT!!!!!!!!

Steven - 2006-01-13
I have liked these lizards a lot. they are very easy to take care of and are fun to watch. They also need a lot of attention, but are very loving. They can live a long time, we heard 15-20 years if taken well care of. Since they are nocturnal they like red uv lights. My leopard gecko is 1 year old.