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The Leopard Gecko is hardy and easy to care for, making it one of the best starter lizards!
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arnold - 2011-05-21
Is there any health benifits that can get from gecko lizard. Here in Philippines there are reports that there are parts of that reptile can cure aids and cancer,
is it true?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-21
    I don't know about ANY health benefits but there doesn't seem to be any research or scientific articles or publications to back up that there is any health benefits for a gekko with regard to cancer or aids.
  • Efren Ignacio - 2011-07-03
    It's only talk of the town that some breed of reptiles are being used to cure aids and cancer. We have to know it. Lot of buyers were in town looking for Tuku.
Jack harness - 2011-06-17
Is there any vitamin or any medicine that can make my gecko grow faster?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-18
    You just feed them well and they will grow at their own pace just like us humans. Any supplement that promises to make them grow faster could be extremely detrimental to your little guy. Be patient feed him and he will just grow.
Meena Daae' Fech - 2011-05-29
This isn't about my leopard gecko, but my other one, Stevie, a crested gecko. His right pupil is totally dialated, but his left one is perfectly fine. Can any one see whats wrong?

Izzy's Friend - 2006-11-29
We have a Leopard Gecko, a guest at our house while the owner is away. We have fallen madly in love with him. Izzy is a sweetie, and very soft too. It's weird to see him eat his crickets or clean his eyes. He's a lot of fun to carry around.

Thank you Dr. Jungle for all the information on Geckos. This is an awesome website!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-02-06
    I always wanted a pet gecko and I never got one.
Preston Forslund - 2011-01-03
My gecko has two bulges behind the two front legs and they're starting to worry me if that's bad should I bring him in? In the information it didn't put anything on two bulges behind the two front legs.

Meena Fech - 2010-11-11
My brother has a leopard gecko named Nubs. I know I'm more of a rodent person but sometimes when I'm bored I hold him. He's really sweet and docile 4 a reptile.

martin - 2010-03-04
Hi everyone, I just got a leopard gecko from a friend that's moving away. I think it's a male and is 3 years old. The person who had it never really payed much attention to him so when I go to pick him up he wriggles out of my hand and runs and hides. I feel so sorry for him. What should I do? He's a lovely little fella but he seems very scared when handled, and I'm afraid if I scare him to much he might detach his tail or something, plz help!

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  • Sarah - 2010-08-08
    Hi, i would recommend that you just try to handle him once a day and for a very short time and eventually he will realize it's not so bad and you're not going to hurt him, then you will be able to increase the time that you can handle him for. He shouldn't drop his tail unless you grab it, so don't do that ;) If it is still difficult to pick him up you could try just stroking his back every so often just to get him used to your touch, oh and make sure your hands are warm.
  • jeff - 2010-09-25
    You should never pick up or hold him by his tail anyway..Pick him up and get on floor and let him wander through your fingers,for about five minutes.each day you can increase the time as you see it becoming more comfortable with you.
Erica - 2010-05-23
Hi, I brought my new leopard gecko home just over a week ago. DotZilla, two months old, was eating five or six crickets a day for a week, I had to purchase a large quantity to keep him/her happy. She seems to be very inquisitive and very active during the day. I see my leopard gecko come out of the hide a few times a day, looking for crickets, and I see it climbing all over the branches, clay pots I have in the tank. I thought they were supposed to be nocturnal, is this behavior okay? The aquarium is beside the computer table, near the front door, so there is lots of natural light, noise and activity. Is this maybe a bad location for my gecko? DotZilla has been out of the hide for most of today, investigating stuff. I'm enjoying seeing so much of my gecko, just hoping it's not behaving this way due to stress.

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  • Zack - 2010-06-02
    Not at all. It's a new tank, new environment. Exploration is incredibly healthy for them in my opinion. I switch my tank around (at least the orientation) every 2-4 weeks. I still leave the hot and cold sides the same and the respective decorations on each side so shes not cold and heart broken that her favorite hide is on the side shes too cold/ hot on. I also swap out things once in awhile, it keeps her interested. I own a very happy adult (approx 1 year old) Carrot-Tail Leo :)
  • Nicole - 2010-08-09
    I don't know how normal it is, but my Sticker is active day and night. She takes naps all the time but if we come in the room she'll come out to say hi and sometimes beg to be taken out for a romp. She walks right up her ramp and waits or presses against the glass wall. When she's hungry she stands on her favorite rock hiding place and reaches her head high, staring at us. I feed her by hand because she is really bad at catching crickets, and it's really helped her comfort with people. She also loves the dog... And the dog loves her, although she doesn't like it when Sticker tries to walk on her when she's being exercised. The dog is really submissive to the dog and will move away but the gecko will follow her. They'll just sit with each other when the gecko is in the tank and touch noses through the glass. Stickers tail is fat and she seems really happy, so I figure leopards choosing to be active during the day is not the wierdest thing they can do. As long as your Leo has a fat tail and does get sleep during the day at times, just be glad you have such a cool pet. If the area is really noisy you might want to move him/her to a quieter place though. They have really good hearing and I know I can't sleep right if there's too much noise.
Alex - 2010-05-18
I have a leopard gecko, and I'm moving to Tennessee, which will be a 2 hour drive. He is a 1 1/2 yr old and I do not know what to do with him when we move. How do I keep him warm in the car, and what not. What should I put him in, and can he survive without a day or night lightbulb for 2 hours? PLEASE REPLY! I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT JET! (my leopard gecko)

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  • Sarah - 2010-08-08
    Your gecko will be fine without a light in the car as the light isn't necessary for geckos, just the heat they give off. I would recommend to keep him warm in the car just keep him in a box on top of a hot pack/hot water bottle but not for the whole journey just for half an hour on and off. Two hours isn't too long if you can't manage anything hot to put him on as long as he gets into his vivarium with heat as soon as you arrive. I recommend you keep him in a lunchbox type box with holes punched on the top and keep this on your lap for the journey just so you can keep an eye on him to see he's not getting too stressed.
Mz Bundy - 2009-12-19
I have a rescued blind leopard gecko but I love him still so much. He won't always eat crickets or mealworms so I have to force feed him some ensure. I hope to have many more years with him though I don't know how old he is now..

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  • muhd Umar - 2010-06-24
    How people behavior and culture can be different? The sight of gecko of any type make me apprehensive and feel murderous and I will not rest until I kill the god-damned reptile. Here in our society it is a tradition to kill gecko on sight. Your response on gecko make me wonder to my bone marrow on how people opinion on things varies.