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Anonymous - 2007-09-21
My room mate in college had a leopard gecko and he was awesome. If you ever put them on the ground though, they may run away and hide. That's what his did and it hid under our dresser for hours just eating crickets that had escaped. one of the things that is really cool is how they are nocturnal. Whenever we went to sleep he would make noises trying to eat crikets. One really weird thing was his tail he would shake it before he caught the crickets, he looked like some one shaking a pop bottle to spray some one.

Pooh Bear :) - 2007-09-06
I just got my first leopard gecko about a month ago. Before I had an anole, cute but was never tame. Already I can easily hold him and he evens eats and licks calcium powder from a spoon. It's so cute and I absolutely love him. He has the normal colors, but he lost his tail in the pet store so it's growing back different colors. It's hilarious because he licks his lips so much and he plays with his reflection. :) He's a wonderful pet, and I HIGHLY recommend them to any reptile lover.

Sereena - 2007-08-31
I have 2 Geckos that I love so much! The girl had layed eggs but hasn't lately, not for a month.

Karen - 2007-06-12
I have 2 Leopard Gecko's, both female, Licky (who we've had since she was a hatchling)and Lynx (who I adopted from my brother last month).

Both are coming up to a year old and they have very different personalities! Licky is a fussy eater - she only eats crickets and they have to be cold, dusted with calcium and offered in front of her, whereas Lynx will eat anything going apart from meal worms. Licky is afraid of her own shadow, Lynx is as bold as brass.

Both of them however like to watch us from their vivariums (is this normal?). After lights out they come up to their windows and watch what we are doing - it's so very cute!!!

Gecko - 2007-05-28
I've only had my geco (Bumps) for 3 days but he seems pretty cool and I enjoy having him. He hasn't shed yet but i hope he will soon. He eventually will be a breeder. For anyone who loves lizards or reptiles in general I recommend Leopard Geckos for you!

Danger - 2007-04-01
I have a leopard Gecko, Nacho its pretty funny i like how they think that mealworms in a dish are going to run away if they dont attack them steathily. Also whenever i put my hand near its face it starts licking or trying to eat my fingers. Awesome pets. I recommend one to beginners and also people who want a good gecko.

Angel - 2007-03-27
I have 1 leopard gecko and her name is camey and today she shed her skin. I think she ate it but I'm not really sure about it. she is going to have baby leopard geckos pretty soon, and thats what happened today.

zack - 2007-02-27
I have a leopard gecko,they are awesome. My leopard gecko's name is Ling-ling. She is a beautiful tangerine leopard gecko.S he is very docile. For you beginners leopard geckos are the best. She eats crickets (mainly). If you get a leopard gecko you'll love it.

izaac - 2006-12-12
hi i am really in love with the reptile breed especially the lizard. i do not own my own yet but i am sure to in the future, as my mom wont let me. but this has given me a boost to wanting a leopard gecko even more thanks;)

Anonymous - 2006-11-24
I recently bought a gecko, its very cool and neat. it doesnt like being picked up, but its still a baby.


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