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Jake Elvin - 2008-10-29
Hi, I'd firstly like to state that I'm a reptile hobbyist and have plenty of herps including leopard geckos. Now, the substrates you mention are very wrong. The best substrate is newspaper, cheap and non-digestible. The second best in Vinly tiles, they are easy to clean and again, non-digestible. Now, digestible substrates can be used but very carefully. Right, to put things straight, Calci-sand is a big 'No No' becuase it isn't digestible and attracts leos to eat the sand. Dried Kiln sand is the best, it's very finely grained and can be passed through the digestive tract, (as long as the specimen is fully grown, eight inches)

Tempertures should be achieved via heat mat attached to a thermostat at about 88f, placed on one side of the vivarium to create a heat gradient. There should be a minimum of 3 hides PER leo. One on the hot side, a humid hide and a cool hide.

A minimum of a 18" long vivarium per leo.

Males kept separatley and a male - female setup of this ratio 1-2.

Robert Paul - 2014-10-18
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  • Asif - 2014-11-13
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jed - 2014-09-18
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Kinsey - 2010-09-16
Hi. I have three leopard geckos. They are so much fun and my family and I love them soooo much!!! We have a blizzard leopard gecko, and a tangerine leopard gecko, and one regular leopard gecko... I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old and they do great with the leopard geckos. They are a wonderful pet for kids.... They are not skittish at all, and they are not a pet you have to play with every day.. They do just fine if they do not get held every day. They are very easy to take care of as well. Very cool pets!!! :)

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  • Sami - 2013-10-31
    are you selling your geskos???? contact me
  • Rana fiazahmad - 2014-04-22
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  • Sajid - 2014-04-30
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  • wasif - 2014-05-13
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  • LaDonna - 2014-06-09
    How much do you feed one and how many times a day
Julieanne Thomson - 2010-08-17
HELP! please could someone please help or advise me, my daughter came home with a gecko roughly 3 wks ago. None of us know nothing about raising a gecko so I bought a book straight away to tell me how 2 look after a gecko in captivity best way possible. Since the day we have had him he has had quite a thin tail and a very pale colour of yellow and black. He doesn't open his eyes that wide either. We have seen him eat crickets now and again but not for the last few days. He lives in a good sized tank the pet shop told me would be great for him and I have a lamp for the tank but I honestly don't think its warm enough for him. Can someone please if you can tell me anything I can do to help get him healthy as we are all really attached to him and at the moment I am fearing the worst is going to happen. PLEASE HELP. julieanne x

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  • veronica - 2010-10-12
    Hello there,

    First of all, I have educated myself a lot regarding Leopard geckos.
    It is vital for a Leopard gecko to have an under tank heat mat as they are nocturnal and they can only properly digest their food if they absorb heat from their bellies.
    They do not require uvb lights and some lamps can be so strong that they can stress this nocturnal gecko.
    I recommend Habistat heat mats as they are safe and reliable.
    Some cheap version of heat mats have known to have burned herps but this brand is very trusted worldwide.
    Also to be on the safe side, a thermostat should be connected to it and that will keep the required temperature at a constant level.
    Another vital thing is to provide the gecko with a humid hide at all times and never allow it to dry.
    A lack of humid hide can lead to shedding problems.

    Please note this care advise is specific for Leopard geckos only.
    I didn't educate myself on other types of geckos as I only keep Leopard geckos myself.
    I have also noticed very poor advice from certain websites regarding this particular lizard.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you need more help.

    Regards, Veronica
  • Anonymous - 2013-03-18
    Hi, your gonna need to feed it twice a day, it needs a 50-60 watt lightbulb, and it needs a lot of atttention. If its a baby it eats crickets and mealworms.
Candice - 2010-11-06
My baby Leopard gecko name is Breannan he let's me handle him and he's very sweet but recently I've notice he's stopped eating I've tried feeding him baby fruit food but now he won't eat it any more. Also I've notice he's developed these indentions on the sides of his head between the top of his head and his ear, I don't know what they are or if he's sick and that's a sign. Help?

soccer champ - 2012-01-12
I want a leapard gecko but my mom said no. :(

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-12
    That's quite unfortunate. What was her reasoning?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-13
    Just maybe the gecko plus all the other things like a tank, food, decorations can cost quite a bit. Is it possible for you to save up enough money that you could purchase the gecko plus tank etc. That would show your mom how responsible you can be and would be with a gecko and she just might have a change of mind. It is worth asking.
  • Anonymous - 2012-02-11
    i am so sorry
  • Anonymous - 2012-03-12
    What charlie said.
Tubbs - 2007-03-06
i have 2 leopard geckos both of which are male. there names are Quop and Scooter. they are really cool. one pooped on me and it was cool. my friend put one on his nose and he just chilled there for like five minutes until we put him back. so all of you people interest in getting leopard geckos i would definitely recommend it and come to this site because it is the best...

john - 2012-10-20
hey, my little brother got a baby leopard gecko at a reptile show, it is about 3 1/2 inches long (I'm geussing, don't have a ruler) and all he does is sleep all day and I thought that baby lizards were suppossed to be out going, it's beginning to worry me because I can't tell if he is drinking and he could be getting dehydrated.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-20
    Geckos do tend to just hang out.  Make sure to mist the tank as they will drink the dropplets.  What temp are you keeping the tank.  They do move less if it isnt warm.
dc - 2011-08-01
Is a 10 gallon tank good for 1 leopard gecko

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-01

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