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The Giant Desert Centipede is quite attractive, but it has a very unattractive bite!
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john - 2009-11-19
For those that find it necessary to kill these, they play a vital role in the ecosystem in that they can fill the role of a small reptile eating germ carrying roaches that like to get in your cupboards and pantries and disease carrying mice that live around or sometimes in your houses. They also prey on scorpions as well which pack a lot more punch and can be dangerous to your children i.e. bark scorpions. So when you decide to kill one just remember your doing more harm than good.

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  • casey - 2010-06-11
    I don't care... if it is in my house I will kill it. I have found 4 in my bedroom in the last 24 hours and I have a small 5 pound dog that could be seriously hurt. I wont bother them if they are outside but I am not going to catch and release them so they can come back in my house. Everything plays a role in the ecosystem even disease carrying mice, but I am sure you don't want to sleep with those either.
  • Isaiah - 2010-09-26
    Sorry John.
zoey - 2010-05-22
Why do they eat insects I thought they would eat vegetation instead?

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  • motasm - 2010-06-05
    Why they have the acid then and how offcurse for killing bugs.
zoey - 2010-05-22
Today my family and I went swimming in our pool and I almost stepped on one. (and of course since I hate bugs and had never seen one of those before I screamed.) My dad told me to look it up and I found this page. I thought it was pretty cool when I read about it but we still have it in a tiny container so I guess I better get a bigger one. :)

Derek Waddington - 2010-02-21
I'm a cryptozoologist. Thats a person who studies animals that; 1. havent been discovered yet, 2. weird animals, and 3. animals that are thought to be extinct. So, as you can imagine when I first saw the centipede on a site called that my interset in the bug went off the charts. If anyone can tell me more about the centipede please email me.

Sondra - 2009-10-08
Walked into my breakfast room this morning to find my cat attacking something. It turned out to be a Giant Redheaded Centipede - about 7 inches long. Boy, did it fight back when I tried to get it into a jar for my daughter to see. This is the first one we've ever had in the house. It freaked me out! My husband did find one when he was mowing our back field one day about a year ago. We have lived in San Antonio, Texas for 18 years and these are the only two I've ever seen. Scary to find it in the HOUSE since I walk around bare foot and so did my little girls.

Robert Atkinson - 2009-08-22
I was just up at Canyon Lake today and went into the men's room. As I was washing my hands in the sink, a Giant Redheaded Centipede came crawling out of the drain in the sink. I grabbed a plastic cup out of the garbage can and caught it on the rim of the cup (it didn't want to go down inside) and took it out to my empty cooler for safekeeping until I could get it home. It's got to be at least 6" long and very fast. Any suggestions on what to do with it. I'm not a bug collector, but I read on one of these blogs that they go for about $75 as pets. Is that true?

-Hayden - 2009-08-03
8/03/09- We caught a Giant Desert Centipede last night at our home in Boerne, TX which is about 30 min west of San Antonio. We live out in the deep hill country and this isnt the first time we have had a run in with these scary creatures. To anyone who hasnt ever tried to kill these, they are HARD to kill! It took 2 butcher knives and a whole lot of houshold cleaner to finally kill this thing for good! We have already seen 2 this year so far, which is rare in our case because we only see them about once every 2-3 years, and not more than 1 in a years time. We have caught one at another time and trapped it in a ziploc bag and sprayed windex in it and it died pretty fast, although it did pierce holes in the bag from its front stingers. Be careful, these things run fast and look really scary!!

Sherry Romero - 2009-07-29
7/28/09 - I just had TO CLOSE of an encounter with one of these Giant Desert Centipedes! Way to close for my comfort. My husband and I have a ranch in southern arizona just north of Tucson, AZ. The other night I was awaken by something falling on my head, I woke to find a creature that scared the life out of me. It looked just like a snake but with hundreds of legs. I was at least 8 inches long and slithers in S formations just like a snake. I didn't have any idea what it was until now. We were unable to catch it because of its location up on the wall, however I must have used an entire can of bug spray to rid myself of this creature. The next night when I returned home from work, there he was just hanging out on my bedroom wall. This time I was much more alert and I was able to confirm that he measured over 8 inches in length. My husband and son thought he was so unusual (or cool in their eyes) they tried to capture it. Sorry to say, they failed, the centipede got away. Right now he is roaming free in my bedroom so if any of you people who have these things as pets would like, your MORE than welcome to come and get him! In the mean time I will be sleeping in the guest room, nasty looking creatures.

Amber Schacter - 2009-05-14
My son and I found a 6inch long Gaint Desert Centipede two days ago in our home in Wichita falls, Texas just north west of Dallas. We have made it a pet. We keep in a plastic terrium and feed it small crickets from the pet store. If anyone else has a Centipede as a pet any tips would be helpful. Thank you

Tamra - 2009-05-05
We just killed the second red-headed Giant Desert Centipede at our home north of Dallas near Lake Lewisville, TX. It was in the garage and was "only" about 6" (and very fast). The first was a couple of years ago and dropped from somewhere above the t.v. in the living room. It was nearly 9" long with a very thick body. These guys are intimidating! (We trapped the latest one under a bucket and hit it with wasp spray and that did the trick. The first one my dad caught with tongs and put in a jar so my son could take it to his Outdoor Life teacher.)