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Don Grimes - 2008-06-27
We have killed at least 10 to 15 this year alone south of Wyandotte Okla here on Grand Lake

Entomologically Challenged! - 2008-06-11
I am surprised that this is a native species! I found a red-head near the spillway of West Lake Ponca in Ponca City, OK. They are quite impressive and extremely fast for their size. It took shelter before I could photograph or collect it for further study.

mike hinnenkamp - 2008-01-03
We had just moved into an old Adobe house in santa fe, new mexico. Once we had all the furniture moved in and just got comfortable, I thought a baby snake, almost a foot long was slithering through my living room. Imagine my horror when I realized it was a " huge " centipede, moving very fast, making for a crack in the wall. I stood up yelling, and stomped on it. I have a size 12 boot, and I kid you not, my foot moved while it was still on top of the thing. It looked dead, bright yellow underneath, cause it had rolled over. I got a standard peice of printer paper to put it underneath the centipede, wanting to show it to my partner. It flipped over and started crawling up my arm, again, shrieking, I dropped it, picked up another shoe and what I thought, beat it to death. Again it " played dead " and flipped over and preceeded to make for its crack in the wall. Finally, I found a bucket with sand in it and crushed it. It was awful. Months later, we saw another one, but couldn't catch it. I was worried it would crawl on us in our sleep, believe me, there were many sleepless nights after seeing its " mate " and not catching it.

colie - 2007-11-14
We just had a huge freak-out about one of these things, measuring at least 8 inches. But he's no longer with us. They are pesky & rather creepy creatures when they are not wanted.

Richard Dooley - 2007-11-04
A few months ago, we had a micro burst come through the foothills, in Tucson, AZ. I was tending bar at a country club and a server who works with me was on the patio watching the storm when he felt something land on the back of his neck. It had stung him twice before he could fling it off. It turned out to be a centipede that measured around 8 inches. We saw it the next day. It was huge.

B.A.R - 2007-10-30
We found one in Medicine Park, Ok... We measured it at 8 inches for sure.. We named him Leggs.. Hes Awesome!!!!

SjB - 2007-10-27
Red-headed centipedes are common north of Dallas in the crosstimbers area--we've seen them as big as 8" in our yard in Oak Point. They're not just limited to New Mexico and points west!

Iris - 2007-08-06
I saw one of these at Lake Hefner, here in Oklahoma City. It was atleast 8" long. It almost moved like a snake...

Josue Mu - 2007-05-22
Hi. I live in Mexicali, a city under Calexico, CA. I really love centipedes. When i grow up, i will open a museum of insects, spiders, centipedes, and other PREDATORY insects. I would like to get the giant desert centipede.

ALAN - 2007-02-25
Great site. Searched everwhere for a care sheet on giant centipedes, this is the only site where I found anything.


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