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The White's Tree Frog is a cute frog with bulging eyes, and has the most laid back personality!
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Leah - 2008-04-05
I'm a teacher and we got our class pet..."Fred" a little over a year ago. He ended up being an escape artist, and escaped his cage twice. The first time for an hour. The second time for a year. I was sure he was done for, and we found him yesterday. He somehow survived in the Janitor's closet and was found yesterday hopping into a little hole in the baseboard. He seems to be doing well since we found him. He was the best pet! The children loved him so much!!! I cannot believe that we found him alive, and that he survived that long!! We are very glad to have him back...

sam nachi - 2008-03-16
I became nervous when I touched it, but I had to do so, so that I can earn marks.

Tish - 2008-02-24
I just got my White's Dumpy Tree Frog today! It is an adult male and I am so excited:) I looked forward to referring to this site if questions arise... Thanks

Robert Gallegos - 2008-01-15
I have had one of these frogs for 10 years so far. These guys are so easy to take care of, and they are fun to watch as they eat. I have never seen a frog shove food in it's mouth with its hand(s). I never bred him, I wonder if he is too old...

kelsey kline - 2007-12-31
I love my frogies! I got my first for my birthday and I got another at christmas, but unfortunately he died due to a disease in the stores tank. Right after he passed though I got another, and now they are both "in love". I think big momma and pimp daddy (the frogs) are perfect pets!

sky - 2007-11-04
They are so cute and fun to handle!

Richard Turner - 2007-09-13
Whites Tree Frog- the Perfect pet!!
I'm a breeder of a number of species of snakes and Lizards. I breed specialist species like the Dwarf Spiny Tailed Monitor Lizard. I also breed Western Hognose snakes, fire skinks, Imperial and Buthid scorpions and on and off chinese mantids of different sorts. They are all fun and brilliant pets (Buthid scorpions aren't exactly strokable) but none more than my two new Whites tree frogs
"Laurel and Hardy".
They are obsessed with my face. They love to leap from my hand onto my face.
Seriously cute! Super easy to look after! Love a bit of attention although they do like their own space. Feed easily! By day they appear as a green blob of jelly on your viv wall, by night they are on the prowl for food and fun. Climbing all over each other is their No.1 favourite sport.

Hannah - 2007-08-08
This little guy is the most interesting small animal I've ever had. I have crested geckos as my main small animals to breed. And I got the frog on the side because he was so cute I HAD to buy him. Now after having him for over a year he has gotten to the point where I hand feed him. He is now too lazy to hunt the cricket. I shouldn't have even started doing that. As soon as it gets dark. He comes out of his driftwood home and climbs up and sits there and follows me with his eyes and head. He waits for my hand to feed him. Sometimes when I come up to his cage he jumps towards me only to smash himself on the glass with his mouth open and tongue out...kinda reminds me of those animals or creatures you hang up with suction cups on your car window. If I stick my hand in there to get the water bowl he will attack one of my fingers and starts trying to swallow my finger. Lately he's been so berzerk about getting a cricket he keeps rushing way before I actually get my hand in his aquarium and I'm so afraid he's going to hurt himself. So this little guy is so cool with me he will actually chomp on a cricket in my hand. So crazy! I'm trying to find on the web if this is normal behavior but haven't found anything yet.

Legato - 2007-06-01
I got 2 White's Tree Frogs a month ago. One of them soon got a swollen arm, which I soon found out to be a symptom of MBD. Once I got the calcium powder (get some with D-3) and started powdering their cricket food, and got the proper lighting. The petstore told me all I needed was an incandescant light, but I found out on here somewhere that I needed a fluorescent intended for tropical reptiles as well. the frog's arm went back to normal in a couple days and they actually seem a lot more active now than they used to be. They are adorable to watch, and sometimes if I play a clip of a White's Tree Frog croaking on my computer they'll croak along too!

Jake - 2007-05-20
i got a dumpy tree frog today and she is awesome. she likes burrowing in the moss for some reason. I dont know what to name her yet.