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The White's Tree Frog is a cute frog with bulging eyes, and has the most laid back personality!
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steppy lou - 2011-04-29
Two days ago I became the proud owner of a white's tree frog! I
named her Ibbet and he's so much fun (especially when my niece
and nephews come over) but I didn't buy her at the pet store. I got
her from a "friend of a friend" and she came to me with a sore on her
nose. It seems to be a little better but I wonder what caused it in the
first place! Could it be from bacteria or could she have scraped it? Is there
anything I can put on it till it heals?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-30
    Try reading the article on the tree frog. Just click on it. We would need more information as to what you think it is, what it looks like, what is happening to attempt to make any kind of determination as to what is happening. Is the little guy eating and drinking? Is he lethargic? Does it look like it is infected or any yellow around the sore? Does it look like a scrape etc? Try to keep the area clean with distilled water and a q tip.
    Let us know more information if possible. OK?
  • travis - 2011-08-05
    I think it may have just scraped its nose. I have had a few frogs that did that it heals just fine. They may have a scar but nothing too severe.
corena - 2011-03-02
Hi I have 2 white dumpy frogs and I got a big tank like 100 g and I am looking for plants to put in there I wanted to know if it would be a good thing if I put in a home made water fall but it's safe for the frogs. If anyone can give me ideas let me know my e-mail is ty

Nicole Gilbert-Maxfield - 2011-03-01
I am a wreck right now. My little friend douggie, a whites tree frog, escaped from his cage, and was out overnight. When we found him he was dried up, and presumed dead. We picked him up and felt a bit of movement, so we decided it would be best to try and revive him and put him in the water. Well he is alive and well now, but his skin is discolored and he has developed blister like welts on his body. Will he get better? Are these going to be battle scars that he can show off to his friends? Or is this a sign of something much worse that needs to be dealt with?

emilie - 2010-04-14
I had two dumpy frogs but one died I don't know why but I think he was sick with something and his name is Jerry.

paul - 2010-03-01
hi, I've got 5 whites tree frogs, all very active and funny to watch, very happy frogs. But keep reading about uv lighting, I dont have uv lighting. Told by 2 or three repile shops they didn't need it. Do I or dont I?

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  • Kim - 2010-04-14
    Hi Paul,
    I have 6 White's Tree Frogs and yes you do need both UVA and UVB. I use one UVA and 3 UVB in my large tank and my frogs are thriving. There are some good articles and caresheets available online that explain the needs of amphibians and the health benefits gained from using both.
  • tater - 2010-04-30
    Technically no, they can live without. However they don't absorb calcium very well and a uvb light will help with that and temperature. It will also help provide a schedule for day/night for your frogs and increase activity and appetite.
kait - 2010-02-21
I am an owner of a white tree frog. For the last few days (three or so), my tree frog has been laying around his tank with his tongue continuously hanging out. He has done this before but for only like a half a day. He moves every once in awhile but he doesnt seem to be eating and he is getting skinnier. Please give me some idea of why this is happening or what to do to make him better. Thank you so much!

rat lady - 2009-09-09
i had two whites tree frogs and now down to one. Buddha just died, we're not sure why? it may have been due to the cricket eating one of her toes. she was bright green when we first got her and when we brought her home she turned brown and stayed that way until the moment she died. Kermit our only frog left is awesome, he's got some really ugly toe going on. im not sure whats wrong with him. I wish i knew i dont want another dead frog so soon. thinking about getting another so kermit isnt so lonely. He enjoyed Buddhas company.

Jane doe - 2008-10-31
Hey yall. I have had 6 tree frogs for about 4 years, and they are so fun just to play with. One of the frogs got pregnant last year. Then we went to a restaurant and they served frog legs and they were so good. But after I got home and saw my frogs, I felt guilty about it. Their names are Robbie, Bobbie, Ribby, Fibby, Libby, and Jacob.
Jacob was the last frog I got and I couldn't think of anymore rhyming names, so I put jacob, HAHA. Then my friend ate Jacob. she was drunk and I will never forget how sad I was when that happened. But she said it tasted good, but I am sad. And then I had to go to mobile (in alabama where I live) and I gave my froggies to my friend to watch over while I was gone. But she forgot to feed them. Robbie and Libby died. That was last week. The other frogs ate Robbie and Libby. It was so sad. I didn't know that frogs could eat other frogs.

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  • norine edgar - 2010-05-06
    yeah, Jane Doe, stop buying tree frogs! You obviously do not take care of them. You let your friend eat one of your frogs while you probably watched them eating it and did nothing about it. And is this the same friend who you got to feed your frogs, how do you know who ate Robbie and Libby, maybe your friend ate them, since she ate Jacob, you know that is disgraceful that you even let her eat them, that is called animal abuse and animal neglect. You and your friend should be charged with animal abuse and neglect. You do not respect the animal or for that matter probably no other animal.
KATHYT - 2008-06-17
I just got three White's Tree Frogs and am looking forward to the enjoyment I see you all talking about! I have only had them for 3 days and they are pretty shy as of yet. I have them in a 65 gallon terrarium that is filled with soil, moss, and live plants and plenty of driftwood to climb on. I also have a shallow water pool and a waterfall with a mister. I got the whole foggy jungle thing going on, it's awesome! I have a regular aquarium lid on it though, I wonder if I should switch to screen and specialty lights...

Dudette - 2008-06-14
Hi! I've heard that some frogs get hand fed and now are berserk *cough cough* So yes this is unnatural behavior. You should do something like this...

1) Wear gloves. No I'm serious, Rule of the Dumpy: If it can't fit in your mouth, don't eat it. So wear gloves that are thick enough so he/she can't fit it in their mouth.

2)NEVER handfeed him. I'm sorry, but one day he/she is gonna break their jaw on the cage. Try "the tupperware of yummy" make a tupperware his food bowl and put him in there with 1-3 crickets. If hes not handfed, he/she will be forced to hunt. (P.S Dumpys are the only frog that can be too heavy and die, so hunting has to be firmly the way to eat.)

3) Stick to it! If he/she is not attacking your fingers take off the gloves and hold him. If he's good, feed him a soft, juicy wax worm and call it a day.