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The beautiful Red Eyed Tree Frog is on of the most sought after of the hybrid frogs!
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nick - 2009-08-03
You mentioned using distilled water in the feeding section. This is a rather dangerous suggestion as distilled water can be quite harmful to animals which need the natural minerals found in water. Also, distilled water is on the acidic side (around 5.5) and you want an amphibian's water to be ph neutral.

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-04-13
I am currently making an aquatic terrarium for a fire salamander and two fire bellied toads. Salamanders become very tame if you hold each day for a short time but never hold them for a long time. The same goes for all frogs.

Anonymous - 2008-03-18
The best pet ever, you rock!

Anonymous - 2008-01-17
You're site is awesome! Rock on.

billybob Joe - 2007-11-09
oooolala! i love these small little tree frogs!

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  • Emily - 2010-05-11
    I know, they are sooooo cool! =)
majde - 2007-08-28
they are very interesting....and fun to watch!

chris grice - 2006-10-02
as well as dark greens and browns, you can sometimes get purples as night colours for the red eye tree frog, which is a pretty sight to see. this purple variety often comes with a minty green opposed to the lime green of most red eyes day colour