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What is a Bearded Dragon?... a medium sized pet lizard, but with a cool, spiny "beard"!
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anthony - 2007-12-24
I just got my bearded a few days ago, they told me it was about 2 months old, and this guy is so cool. he just sits on his rock until i take him out, and then he basically roams my room (i keep the door shut because of my dogs). So far, every time i go to put him back, he climbs my arm and sits on my shoulders, almost like he doesnt want to go. He seems to be eating healthy and he's very lively. I'm very glad i got one and im thinking about getting more. :)

Santiago - 2007-12-24
I have a male beardie named Daggit. Im not sure how old he is, but he likes to climb my shoulder and in some parts of the day, when he is feeling lonely, he begins scratching the edge of his enclosure wanting me to pet him. He is about to have his first christmas with us. He's my best friend and loves to climb my shoulder. He loves big hoppers. I bought him a huge tank, with orange play sand, a shelter where he can rest, a rock, and a log where he likes to be most of the day. I'm saving money to buy him an artificial log where he can have shade on his colder side on the tank. When he wants to have company, he'll try to climb out of his enclosure to look out the window or to be with people. Well, I hope you enjoyed my comment. I love Daggit and he is the best reptile pet. While I was typing this, I had him on my shoulder. REPTILES RULE!

Dominick - 2007-11-11
I have a pet Beardie, her name is Raphiella. She's about 5 months old and loves jumping and running all over the house. Ralphy is my 2nd lizard, I lost my first male over the summer. She, you could say, is a vegetarian. She rarely ever eats crickets or super worms.

John Pulsifer - 2007-10-14
I have had my beardies for almost a year. They are both 9 years old and about 13" long. I have a female and a male. They are a wonderful pet to have and i love them. They just kinda smell but it's an animal, it's going to smell. They are the best pet any teen could have. They are well behaved, swim in the bath tub, drink from the sink, run through house, and chase the dog. BEST PET EVER!

Anonymous - 2007-09-18
Best i have ever owned and have such a nice personality

Kathy and Ron - 2007-05-29
We lost our beloved female beardy "Bernice" May 26th. We are extremely depressed about our loss. She had such a great personality. We only had her for 4 months. We bought her we thought from a reputible place. She seemed healthy but she was fat. We introduced her to her mate and they hit it off of course. Bernie is going to be a dad, but three weeks after she layed her 30 eggs so perfectly and then we did our part, she seemed fine. Just all of a sudden she was listless and we couldn't wake her up Saturday and she would stop beathing off and on. The vet x-rayed her and showed us the three eggs left in her but were moved down, there were broken eggs -- we have no clue how she had broken eggs with a MASSIVE infection all over her lower belly. She got worse by the hour and all we did was cry and asked the vet to help her. She didn't even have a 50% of making it thru the night let alone surgery. We took her home and she died an hour later on my husband's neck. It was like losing part of our family. I am mad because I think she had already layed a clutch and this was left, then she was pregnant by our Bernie and layed her eggs and she very slowly got sick. We are getting her "taxidermied" -- might sound stupid but we want her with us. We miss her sooooooooooo much. And Bernie is depressed now without her and we can't find another female. She will get fixed because we don't want to go thru this pain again.

Anonymous - 2007-03-09
I have a bearded dragon called Liz. But mostly he's called Fatty! He is the coolest pet ever. He is also extremely spoiled. He gets fed by hand and water by hand daily and gets to run all over the house. He especially likes to climb up and down the stairs and to see how far he can jump. He's less than a year old but has a great personality and gives lots of licks and loves to be held. I'd highly recommend one as a pet, but they do require a lot of time and upkeep but it is well worth it. Thanks - Brandon and Trayce

jess - 2006-09-23
I have a beardy named Duke. He is one very spoiled lizard. My husband got him into eating waffles. And now all you have to do is walk into the room with a plate of them and he goes CRAZY. He starts to run all over his cage until you put some in there for him. He also likes to watch cartoons and video games. He mainly likes the movement and the color. But he`s a spoiled little guy. When we first got him I didn`t think I would like him. But we have had him for 2yrs and now he is part of the family. My niece and nephew come to my house and first thing they want is to play with the Dukester.
Beardys are awesome critters.
Jessica and Tim

brett - 2006-09-06
I have a bearded dragon called eddie, hes a sandfire colour. he is quite shy. he loves meal worms. when i shown him to my mates they kept sayin that he was an amazing pet and that they wanted one. i cant wait until he gets older, i would love to get another one and start to get them mating

Peep - 2006-04-04
Hello! My boyfriend and I have had a bearded dragon, Spike, for about 6 months now. He is such a wonderful pet! Even though they aren't fluffy like a dog or a cat, Spike gives me kisses and loves attention. Anyways, bearded dragons are a great pet, and fairly rare too. I've had too many conversations that have the other person asking "Whats a bearded dragon look like?"