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What is a Bearded Dragon?... a medium sized pet lizard, but with a cool, spiny "beard"!
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herplover22 - 2009-03-15
Along with calcium sand being ok no solid substrates as babies, and for adults if you maintain a high temperature range (110 or so) you can use wash and sifted playsand. They should still get a calcium suppliment especially when they are babies. They should get fed greens everyday and adults only get 25-50 feeders a week and dragons should NEVER be housed together, they are not social and could cause harm to each other. There are other things I didn't mention but the main thing is to read as many caresheets as possible so you can gather as much information as possible.

Smiles - 2009-02-20
I have had my beardie (Rex) for about 5 months now. He is the coolest little guy. We got him for our son who is 5 yrs old. They love each other, my son makes pictures for him and everything. Rex is so calm and mello. Greatest pet I have ever owned! We're thinking about getting another one so rex can have a play mate:)

Steffi - 2008-12-11
You do not want to use calcium sand. The beardies WILL start eating it and there is a huge risk of impacting smaller specimens.

James van Wyk - 2008-12-06
We have kept many reptiles over the last 11 years but the best lizard is Ralph the beardie. He's about five or six months old and is incredibly friendly! Sometimes he bites but it only feels like a scratch. He is a red phase and doesn't completely have his colours yet but will be absolutely beautiful when he's full grown!

creag - 2008-11-21
U want one so bad, but my mom says no.

Travis - 2008-08-23
I've had my dragon for three years now. His name is Drake the Dragon lol. He has been the best pet ever!

Nik - 2008-08-03
Does anyone know how long it takes to get a beardy full grown? Mine is about nine inches right now. His name is george and I was wondering, should I start feeding him in a separate tank. Every time I go to pick him up he thinks I am feeding him.

Anonymous - 2008-07-27
Our bearded dragon is very young and a female. The other day when she was taken out of her cage she layed on her back, and I wonder what that means.

Maddie - 2008-07-20
I love all reptiles including bearded dragons and I'm the only girl in my family who does. I may be getting one soon and I love my aunties snake.

Kristin - 2008-07-17
I just got my baby bearded and I am absolutely in LOVE. I have been waiting to get one since I can't even remember one and my parents finally gave in and let me get one when I graduated. She is still to little to know the sex but I like to call her a her. Her name is roxy and I can't wait to watch her grow up:)