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creag - 2008-11-21
U want one so bad, but my mom says no.

Travis - 2008-08-23
I've had my dragon for three years now. His name is Drake the Dragon lol. He has been the best pet ever!

Nik - 2008-08-03
Does anyone know how long it takes to get a beardy full grown? Mine is about nine inches right now. His name is george and I was wondering, should I start feeding him in a separate tank. Every time I go to pick him up he thinks I am feeding him.

Anonymous - 2008-07-27
Our bearded dragon is very young and a female. The other day when she was taken out of her cage she layed on her back, and I wonder what that means.

Maddie - 2008-07-20
I love all reptiles including bearded dragons and I'm the only girl in my family who does. I may be getting one soon and I love my aunties snake.

Kristin - 2008-07-17
I just got my baby bearded and I am absolutely in LOVE. I have been waiting to get one since I can't even remember one and my parents finally gave in and let me get one when I graduated. She is still to little to know the sex but I like to call her a her. Her name is roxy and I can't wait to watch her grow up:)

BRITTANY - 2008-06-16
I have had my bearded dragon, Sadie, for only a few months and she is by most the best pet I have ever owned. I can hold her for hours and she will just go to sleep right in my hands.

aujee - 2008-06-05
I have had my bearded dragon Sascha for five years or so, she's of the golden orange variety and has the mildest temperament ever. She's been my favorite pet yet!

Gary - 2008-05-31
Glad to see you all like bearded dragons. I suppose I am lucky in the fact that I live in Australia and they run around here wild. I have them as pets also. We often see them running down the road and up a tree in the wild, amongst other lizards of the same type.

lissa - 2008-04-27
I am getting a baby beardie soon. They are so awesome and I'm like the only girl in my family who doesn't have an issue with reptiles. I am so excited to get one and it will be my first pet lizard. I can't wait for that trip to the pet store!


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