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Kofi Silk Road - 2014-09-29

male and female leatherback bearded dragon for sale.


Nikki turner - 2014-09-26
Someone has released my Australian inland bearded dragon into the wild four months ago and I have been looking for him ever since.I came across a dragon the other day and was certain it was him.this dragon let me touch him many times and didn't even also let me pat him in between his eyes.he still didn't move.when I touched him he closed his eyes for a few seconds and that is exactly what my dragon used to do.I still was not sure if he was mine as my boy was a peachy colour and this dragon was the colour of an eastern water dragon.could he have got that dark and would a wild one let me touch him like I was not sure I left him their to get professional advice.please help me as I am very upset.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-26
    What a tradgedy, so sorry to hear. These critters are often very peaceful, which is why they make such wonderful pets.
barbara - 2014-07-13
My male bearded dragon will not eat and is rolling over and over. He has one nasal plugged and I cannot open it seems to be having spasms. Not walking. I bathe him anyway to help him go to the bathroom and keep him hydrated. His labs are normal, does not have parasites. The vet wants to do extras and scans. I cannot afford this. Do you have any idea what could be wrong. What is there natural I can do to help him.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    It sounds like your beardie is well cared for. It it may be some sort of physical problem so I can understand why your vet wants to do more extensive testing. I have seen similar problems with frogs with spinal or nervous system disorders. Hope you can find a solution.
  • Bill Lassiter - 2014-08-18
    Hi Barbara, I am sorry to hear about your beardie. It sounds like bad MBD which comes from lack of calcium and/or lack of proper UVB rays. You should replace your UVA/UVB lights every 6 months with linear type bulb called Zoomed ReptiSun 10.0 and give him calcium three times a week. Right now I would bring him to the vet for calcium shots. 0
Megan Davies - 2014-04-22
Hi I am trying to set up for the arrival of my baby bearded dragon.  Lighting is an issue.  I have a proper 4 foot long 50 cm high tank that has a mesh top and side ventilation.  I purchased it second hand and it came with a flouro fitting that sits ON THE TOP OF THE MESH (mesh - thin metal plate that has many close together holes not wire mesh)  It is 90cm long.  I have sourced the Exoterra 10.0 Reptile One tube. Will enough UVB/UVA get through the mesh?  I will have 2-3 different height basking spots..... Or should I just get a bulb? Although I have read bulbs are not ideal.... very confusing........

Also with the heat, I found a website that said for basking light a normal bright household bulb with a kelvin rating around 3000 but not under 2900 is sufficient and avoids buying 'speciality' products that do the same thing. I was looking at roughly a 75W that I was going to try to hang INSIDE the tank ziptied to the mesh so I can adjust the height with the different weather. I'm thinking that a heat bulb sitting on top of the mesh will lose a lot of heat because of the nature of the mesh and it will also heat it up which could cause other safety issues. Advice would be very appreciated.

Illana Hanekom - 2013-04-18
Hi. I need some information on blue headed agamas please. I do not see any in depth information on this site on what they eat or how to take care of them. Our cat caught a baby bloukop koggelmander (blue headed agama) on Sunday 14 April. I rushed immediately to save it. A very small piece of the tail was bitten off by the cat, but otherwise the little one seems fine. Eating crickets, bowel movements etc. My husband and I want to keep it, but we have never had a lizard before, so we need some advice please. I started Googling immediately on the subject, but I have not been able to find specific info (like you have here on the Beardies) so far. Please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-23
    It sounds like your doing a good job so far. You may also want to gut load the insects prior to feeding, so you can provide adequate vitamins to the lizards diet. Here's a basic overview of their environment needs. They are a semi arboreal lizard, so will need a cage that's tall and has plenty of open area on the bottom, and with about 65% humidity. For one lizard, a terrarium about 36x18x24 is needed. Substrates can be a combination of soils, leaf litter, or mulch. It will need lots of branches for climbing and to create hiding places. As with most lizards, it will also need a full spectrum bulb to provide the necessary UV light spectrum. There should also be a warn end and a cool end to the terrarium so it can regulate its body temperature. Ideally create a thermal gradient, ranging from about 100F on the warm end, down to the high 70's to the low 80's on the cool side. A piece of cork bark or a rock under a bright bulb will provide the heat on the warm end for it to bask. Good luck with your new friend:)
  • Illana Hanekom - 2013-05-03
    Thank you so much! What is 'gut feed'?
Paris escorts - 2013-05-01
Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed is not functioning today. I tried including it to my Bing reader account but got nothing.

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Anonymous - 2013-04-17
Can bearde dragon go on cool condition

Riekie Briel - 2012-08-04
Last Saturday, I rescued as bearded dragon which has a horrific deformed spine and tail with. It's terribly crooked and bulgy. The skin was hanging in folds. The beardie struggle to aim when trying to catch crickets and superworms. Fell off rocks in cage on it's side and could not get up. When it tries to walk it is painfull to watch as it week later and it's aim has improved somewhat, but feeding it takes looooong. I've named her Marie ama krokko krokko and want to know if I'm doing the right thing in saving her or am I causing her pain in prolonging her life? Will her spine and tail ever improve for her to live a happy life? I put my beardies on Saturdays and Sundays in big sunny pen outside. Maria has managed 2 bowel movements since this past Wednesday after I bathed her in warmish water and she's eating crickets and worms everyday. She was kept in a shoebox all her life and perhaps have her deforformities came from this - surely? Maybe my wishfull thinking, but she looks 'happy' the last few days ... I just don't want her to suffer more by saving her if her derformities will cause her excrutiating pain...advise, please? There are picture of her on my facebook page. Riekie Briel look at Maria's pics and not at my other beardie's pics who is called tharienz krokkedil.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-04
    WOW hard one.  I can't know if your little fella is in pain or not.  I had a macaw and it had a stroke and was paralyzed.  I asked the vet if it was in pain and she said no.  I put it in a childs red wagon on a bunch of towels and worked the wings, legs and head many times a day.  I had to syringe feed her and IV feed her.  In six months he was 100% fine. could fly and climb as if nothing had ever happened.  I would watch your little one and if trying to move more each day - trying to eat more, appearing to move better then I would say - try.  If he isn't eating and not trying to move, then I'd say he is a pain.  I'd take it to a vet if at all possible to find out.  Sounds like total dehydration also and to do IV injections under the skin is very easy but you need the solution from the vet.
Emerald - 2012-11-15
Hi Everyone, I belong to two great Bearded Dragon sites. One is a free Bearded Dragon group called ( type in: pogona) The group has a baby beardie looking at the computer. Their sister group is The other one is It is also free. Some of the spinal deformities I am reading about, are often caused by a lack of UVB, the wrong type of UVB, or a malfunctioning UVB. There is a difference between the Repti-SUN 10.0 and the Repti-GLO 10.0 flourescent tube lights. I have used the Repti-SUN 10.0 for several years, without EVER having a problem. On the other hand, I have adopted Beardies who have been kept under the Repti-GLO 10.0 tubes. They developed MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). The Repti-GLO 10.0 tubes sometimes offer not UVB, but instead, UVC. There is only one way to tell if your Repti-GLO 10.0 tube is emitting properly: With a UVB meter. These are very costly (@ $500.00 or so) No UVB or a malfunctioning UVB light, will cause MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). This causes deformities in the bones. Once damage has occurred, it is permanent. I have seen Beardies that were kept in the same viv. They both began to develop MBD. One Beardie was very lethargic. No problem was realized at that time. The other Beardie displayed trembling in the arms and legs. That observation immediately caused concern. The reason: No UVB. 2 Beardies, in the same tank, developed the same medical condition. However, the symptoms manifested differently in each dragon. It took 4 days for that Beardie owner to get UVB lites for the Beardies. In the meantime, the Beardies were taken for walks outside for 3 days, in direct sunlight, for 1 hour each day. Because of this, the forward progress of the disease ended. A little bit of permanent bone damage occurred in one, while the other (the lethargic one) was fine. Both of these dragons were housed under the Repti-SUN 10.0 tube light afterward, without any further problems. I adopted a Beardie who had been kept under a Repti-GLO 10.0 tube light. Through x-rays, we could see how his sternum bone (chest bone) was crooked. Instead of being parallel to the spine, it twisted outward, and then upward. I believe, thru observation, that he may have had vision problems, too. I am not sure if the RG 10.0 was a factor in this. An example of the WRONG type of UVB is the coil light. The coil light is known for causing eye problems in Bearded Dragons. By the way, has a BEARDIE ER forum. This site automatically notifies you of any comments/replies you receive, via your email. They have several great forums. Emerald

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  • Jamie - 2012-12-13
    Emerald... I have recently purchased a juvenile Bearded Dragon and I have yet had the same answer one time about how to feed it properly. Ive been told 6-10 crickets a day to as many as he can eat at one time.. I have all the proper lights, monitor his temperature... he's doing well but I'm fearful I am not feeding him enough crickets.. I do add calcium every other day and need to buy some greens... Can you please help guide me?
Tracy - 2012-09-08
I just got a juvinile bearded dragon about days ago.Its probably about 5-6 months old. He was light in color compaired to the others in its tank, but seemed healthy. Got him home and he was very social. Now it's shedding, and EXTREEMLY lethargic.Tonight while holding him he barely moved. He didn't eat his crickets today. I don't think he touched his salad. Tomorrow I'm going to bathe him and see if it helps. Would the shedding process and stress of a new home cause this reaction? I don't think there is impaction because he has been having bowel movements. He seemed fine until yesterday, and this morning I at first thought he was dead, I couldn't tell if he was breathing. After I checked on him he ran around for a little bit,but seemed sleepy after that.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-09
    Bearded Dragons become very lethargic during a molt.  They will also molt less frequently as they mature.  Do not under any circumstances try and hlep your bearded dragon molt fast by pulling or attempting top ull of the skin.  You could kill him.  He needs to do it at his own rate and timetable.  You can spritz him very gently with a little warm water or possibly just let him walk around in a very shallow dish with warm water but do not BATHE him.  If you pulled essentailly dry skin off sunbrun - it would hurt.  If you tried to rub it off, it would hurt.  So let him go at his own speed, he will be fine just makes him tired.  Lot of work.

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