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Dale Lesoway - 2013-03-13
can you put Goliath bird eater in 20 terrarium

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-13
    It will out grow it eventually.
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jeremy - 2011-11-04
i recently bred my emperor scorpions, shortly there after my female killed my male. I was unaware that she would do so. I've gotten most of my info from your site and its been very helpful but I would like to know how often should I feed her calcium covered food?

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  • Lloyd Miller Jr. - 2011-12-26
    She shouldnt have killed your male, unless there were not enough hides for them to retreat to. And there really is no need to feed them any food bugs coated in calcium. Just be sure to offer here plenty of diff food choices, a good and easy breedable food species is the Blaptica Dubai Roach. And even then you shouldnt feed only one food bug. A good example is 75% roaches, 20% crickets and 5% meal worms.
  • Rene - 2013-03-13
    Take the light away
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S D Lynch & Kui - 2008-07-14
Aloha from Hawaii the island of Oahu. I have a Sulcata tortoise named Kui. Kui is almost 6 years old and we have grown to become great friends. Kui and I take daily walks down our street and every one loves Kui. People find it amazing I walk a tortoise but I really enjoy it. Kui and I make new friends every day. People stop take his picture and Kui is quite a HAM LOL. About 3 years ago I was watching Kui in the back yard and I thought it would be great to write a childrens book about Kui born in African and finding his way through the African jungle and start to make his way around the world. Well to my amazement I started the book and Kui's travels has began, it was published. Titled The travels of Kui, the African Spurred Tortoise. I have found that Kui the tortoise is a very good pet and friend. I will enjoy growing old with Kui.

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  • ty - 2013-03-11
    hey, fellow reader an just had to say kui sounds awesome :) we have two 1year old tortoise our selves lela and wiz :) an wonder how you got to get kui to be so open an just be so close with you with you? thanks an love the book!
Lauren - 2013-03-08
I have a beautiful aferican tortise named Littlefoot (named after Littlefoot in The Land Before Time). My 25 year old baby is not only smart but she is part of my life. I don't know how I would live without her.

Jenny - 2013-03-08
my tortoise is great

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kyra - 2010-03-20
Hello everyone. I want a tarantula but I'm scared of anything with legs! I hate the feel of anything crawing up me! I didn't want to have to handle it or the food in anyway and I don't want anything that can't jump or aggressive! The other thing is how do u clean it out without touching the spider and keeping it safe? What would be the best spider for me as I have read up a lot of things about spiders and one say something and the other says something else. I dn't have a fear of spiders, just anything that crawls and has legs. It's that bad, I can't pick up a ladybird! with my own hands. can anyone help me x

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  • Danielle - 2010-04-17
    I would recommend the Chilean Rose Tarantula. They are not agressive and are very easy to care for. You do not have to handle the food directly (crickets), just simply dump them in the cage.
  • Kourtney - 2013-02-28
    I am the same way sort of. My husband has about five different spiders and do not handle them. My husband is navy so when he deployed I take care of them. How I transport them to other cages to clean theirs is the very large spoon strainers. I just scoop them up with that and it does not hurt them. Also I never touch the crickets I go to the store and get how many I need then just drop them in the bag. I would say get a rose hair. We have one and she's the most docile out of all of them. Also its like she knows when my husband is handling her. He can pick her up and sit her on the table and she won't move but rather watch him clean out her cage and wait.
  • brad - 2013-03-04
    I have a Mexican red knee, she was hard to find and expensive (she is a protected species, and just plain not as common as you may think). I'd recomend that, you can get a cricket keeper for crickets, the crickets hide in tubes and you tap them out into the tank, the closest you'll have to come to handling them is cutting the tip on the bag, you may want to ask for no egg crate so they all hide in the tubes, not the eggcrate, And I'd recommend a soft (dollar store is fine, just nothing rough) paint brush to coax it around, just gently brush its abdomen and lead it into a temporary container (air holes!).
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Riekie Briel - 2012-08-04
Last Saturday, I rescued as bearded dragon which has a horrific deformed spine and tail with. It's terribly crooked and bulgy. The skin was hanging in folds. The beardie struggle to aim when trying to catch crickets and superworms. Fell off rocks in cage on it's side and could not get up. When it tries to walk it is painfull to watch as it week later and it's aim has improved somewhat, but feeding it takes looooong. I've named her Marie ama krokko krokko and want to know if I'm doing the right thing in saving her or am I causing her pain in prolonging her life? Will her spine and tail ever improve for her to live a happy life? I put my beardies on Saturdays and Sundays in big sunny pen outside. Maria has managed 2 bowel movements since this past Wednesday after I bathed her in warmish water and she's eating crickets and worms everyday. She was kept in a shoebox all her life and perhaps have her deforformities came from this - surely? Maybe my wishfull thinking, but she looks 'happy' the last few days ... I just don't want her to suffer more by saving her if her derformities will cause her excrutiating pain...advise, please? There are picture of her on my facebook page. Riekie Briel look at Maria's pics and not at my other beardie's pics who is called tharienz krokkedil.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-04
    WOW hard one.  I can't know if your little fella is in pain or not.  I had a macaw and it had a stroke and was paralyzed.  I asked the vet if it was in pain and she said no.  I put it in a childs red wagon on a bunch of towels and worked the wings, legs and head many times a day.  I had to syringe feed her and IV feed her.  In six months he was 100% fine. could fly and climb as if nothing had ever happened.  I would watch your little one and if trying to move more each day - trying to eat more, appearing to move better then I would say - try.  If he isn't eating and not trying to move, then I'd say he is a pain.  I'd take it to a vet if at all possible to find out.  Sounds like total dehydration also and to do IV injections under the skin is very easy but you need the solution from the vet.
Emerald - 2012-11-15
Hi Everyone, I belong to two great Bearded Dragon sites. One is a free Bearded Dragon group called ( type in: pogona) The group has a baby beardie looking at the computer. Their sister group is The other one is It is also free. Some of the spinal deformities I am reading about, are often caused by a lack of UVB, the wrong type of UVB, or a malfunctioning UVB. There is a difference between the Repti-SUN 10.0 and the Repti-GLO 10.0 flourescent tube lights. I have used the Repti-SUN 10.0 for several years, without EVER having a problem. On the other hand, I have adopted Beardies who have been kept under the Repti-GLO 10.0 tubes. They developed MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). The Repti-GLO 10.0 tubes sometimes offer not UVB, but instead, UVC. There is only one way to tell if your Repti-GLO 10.0 tube is emitting properly: With a UVB meter. These are very costly (@ $500.00 or so) No UVB or a malfunctioning UVB light, will cause MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). This causes deformities in the bones. Once damage has occurred, it is permanent. I have seen Beardies that were kept in the same viv. They both began to develop MBD. One Beardie was very lethargic. No problem was realized at that time. The other Beardie displayed trembling in the arms and legs. That observation immediately caused concern. The reason: No UVB. 2 Beardies, in the same tank, developed the same medical condition. However, the symptoms manifested differently in each dragon. It took 4 days for that Beardie owner to get UVB lites for the Beardies. In the meantime, the Beardies were taken for walks outside for 3 days, in direct sunlight, for 1 hour each day. Because of this, the forward progress of the disease ended. A little bit of permanent bone damage occurred in one, while the other (the lethargic one) was fine. Both of these dragons were housed under the Repti-SUN 10.0 tube light afterward, without any further problems. I adopted a Beardie who had been kept under a Repti-GLO 10.0 tube light. Through x-rays, we could see how his sternum bone (chest bone) was crooked. Instead of being parallel to the spine, it twisted outward, and then upward. I believe, thru observation, that he may have had vision problems, too. I am not sure if the RG 10.0 was a factor in this. An example of the WRONG type of UVB is the coil light. The coil light is known for causing eye problems in Bearded Dragons. By the way, has a BEARDIE ER forum. This site automatically notifies you of any comments/replies you receive, via your email. They have several great forums. Emerald

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  • Jamie - 2012-12-13
    Emerald... I have recently purchased a juvenile Bearded Dragon and I have yet had the same answer one time about how to feed it properly. Ive been told 6-10 crickets a day to as many as he can eat at one time.. I have all the proper lights, monitor his temperature... he's doing well but I'm fearful I am not feeding him enough crickets.. I do add calcium every other day and need to buy some greens... Can you please help guide me?
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john - 2012-03-30
Hey, cought another garter snake and I believe it is male. He is about 2 feet long and laughs at me so I will name him giggles. I saved him from a HUGE 7 FOOT LONG WATER MOCASIN (which attempted to kill me). I was wondering what should I do to keep him alive as he is much smaller (in being wide) and has a small head. Also I would like to breed them and was thinking that I could attempt to mimic their habitat by using different soils and maybe some plants along with a filtered pool(about 5 gallons or less) with live fish and plants and frogs. My mom asked me if it was a boy or a girl and I had to say it was a girl or she would get mad about baby snakes living in the house. All I want to do is replenish the wild numbers. I also need name suggestions for the one that really is a girl.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-30
    To start, becareful around water mocasins. Dangerous snake to tangle with. your snake should be fine as long as the large one is well fed. Take caution feeding them together, that is when on occasion accidents happen.
  • Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-04-05
    Water Moccasins don't eat other snakes they eat fish, small game, and things like that but never a snake from what I know. Are you sure the snake you saw trying to eat it wasn't a king snake which regulary prey upon other snakes?
  • john - 2012-04-08
    It was a moccasin cause I saw the inside of its mouth.
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donna - 2008-07-13
I have one that came into the pet store I work at. No one would handle him except me and it even bit a co-worker but once it settled down to the new place, it got very easy to handle although it had everyone leery of it. I finally brought it home and it's the sweetest snake I have ever had. My only problem is getting it to eat mice. It would rather have a bird but I'm finding it's very hard to find feeder birds for a snake. Any suggestions, I love this snake. Now if I could find out what sex it is and find birds for feeding...

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  • camille - 2010-06-12
    This is an old comment, but you could always buy a few feeder chicks to 'scent' your feeder mice with. The mouse will have the smell of bird on it, which may make it more appealing to the snake. People do this with Hognose snakes all the time, which eat toads and lizards as opposed to mice.
  • SSSimon - 2010-07-09
    Heat-up some raw chicken breast in warm water. Place it near the snake. If that doesn't work then dangle the chicken from a fishing rod and line (minus the hook of course) in front of it's face. Jiggle it if it won't bite. Just make sure the chicken breast is loosely fastened or thread through for easy line removal. This may take some practice. Good luck.
  • kosal - 2010-11-13
    First I would try uncle henrys a lot of free-er cheap unwanted animals to birds. I have 2 8-10 ft red tail boas and 2 ball pythons. They get really expensive to feed. So I had to find other ways. So I hope that can help a little bit.

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