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Shirley - 2012-12-09
I have a Salcata Tortoise that weighs 39 lbs. She ate about 6 landscaping stones about 3 weeks ago (they were about 1' or so in size). She wasn't eating as much as usual so I took her to the vets to have an xray done ( it was very expensive). The stones showed up in the xray. I now have her on a prescription daily for 30 days to move food through her plus I am giving her fiber on the fruit I feed her. So far no stones. She eats something everyday but not much is coming out compared to what she has done in the past. From what I understand, the stones aren't in her stomach but in an area that is like a storage in her. I am concerned about her passing them. Did you ever have anyone with this problem? I wondered if you would have any other suggestions for me. Thank You

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Logan Olson - 2012-04-30
Just got a Mombasa Baboon and set up her amazing enviroment in a 55 gal tank. She will be very happy here and sure enough a day or two after i bought her she has gone and started to molt. My other T did the same thing years ago as she grew up in a small cage and the moment she was able to stretch out she molted. Looking forward to this very aggressive T and watching her grow up for years to come.

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  • hankypanky56 - 2012-07-02
    Your post looks great except for the 55 gallon tank, maybe you meant 5 gallons that would be more reasonable.
  • h.s. oflaherty - 2012-12-04
    Just wanted to say I bought my baboon and set 'her' up in 5 gal. tank. The spider was not bigger than a half inch around. When I put her into the tank I thought I was ripped off as didn't see it. Could not find cricket small enought to feed her. Was at least two months before I saw her for first molt. She is 9 months old now and her body length (not legs) is 2 and one quarter inches long!! Very orange, very agressive when provoked (do that to see if she stands up to her rep. and she does. Her fangs are about 1/4 inch long! Let me know how yours is doing. They live a long time so we might talk a few times. Good luck.... steve
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sara - 2010-08-31
Why do turtles lay eggs?

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  • veela - 2012-01-24
    Can you imagine if they gave live birth? Those spikey, serrated shells would probably tear the bejeebers out of the mother! Ouchies!!
  • brittney - 2012-12-04
    Well if they gave live birth they would die cuse the shells are so soft and they would get squished.
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Grace Collins and mom - 2012-12-03
My daughter and I have a rosehair tarantula. It is spinning a web in the corner of its cage. I am afraid the cage has a bit of mold around its water dish an I now no I don't have enough soil in her pen as well. My question is should I interrupt her right away an clean the mold and add more soil or just let her be. I believe she is getting ready to molt and I'm worried about her getting sick from the mold. I always clean the top soil about once a week but the bit of mold I at first thought was her webbing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are new with spiders and have only had her about two months.She is a very hardy eater and has close to doubled in her size almost two thirds of a balled up fist. Please reply.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-03
    You say the rose hair is in he corner spinning a web?  If she is in the corner, then just pick up the wter dish to clean it and gently add the aditional soil you need to (not around the rose-hair).  Clean the dish of mold and back in action.  It shouldn't really dirupt the rose-hair if you go slow.
  • Grace Collins and mom - 2012-12-03
    Thankyou for your quick reply. I thought it would be fine.  I just didn't want to desturb her while she is reading herself to molt. Thanks again your friend and spider enthusiast. P.S. we also have alovely ball python an a wonderful pet rat. Thanks again.Gracie.
  • Grace Collins and mom - 2012-12-03
    Thankyou for your quick reply. I thought it would be fine I just didn't want to desturb her while she is reading herself to molt. Thanks again your friend and spider enthusiast. P.S. we also have alovely ball python an awonderful pet rat. Thanks again.Gracie.
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I wuv turtles - 2012-12-01
Can anyone help me my African side neck hasn't eaten in about 3 weeks, his nose is red, and he's not swimming..... I've had him for 3 years and he has never done this before CAN ANYONE HELP??? :(

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-01
    Can't know for sure but possibly a respiratory infection.  You might want to take to vet and get some antibiotics.
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Syl M - 2009-01-25
Had no luck with Jackson's, Veiled or other chameleons, but for the last 4 years had Fischers and they are wonderful, so easy and friendly, not at all afraid. I just got 2 Gracefuls and they are so lovely. If anyone has them, I could use some info about what works for you.

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Josh - 2010-09-20
How many times does a giant blue scorpion molt in a month? And how many months does it take to grow?

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  • Tom Odell - 2011-05-02
    It is quite different with all scorpions. Younger ones molt monthly, while older specimens molt very rarely. You can tell if they are due, the exoskeleton looks like it will burst and they won't eat.
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Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-04-21
I have a 55 gallon aquarium and I am trying to choose what kind of lizard to put in it. I do not want anything that requires a water only aquarium mainly because they are a real pain to clean and maintain. Some speices I had in mind were large geckos, bearded dragons, or maybe a small speices of monitor lizard. Does anybody have any good ideas that are less than 60 dollars?

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  • Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-04-21
    By the no water I meant like no full water or half water setups but I am fine with a big water dish.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-21
    You can usually get a young Savanha for around that depending on area. Check classified listings too. Many people re-home reptiles.
  • Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-04-22
  • Robert - 2012-05-28
    You could probably get a madagascar day gecko (aka geico gecko).
  • Brooke - 2012-06-26
    I would put in some green anole lizards. They are easy to maintain and are very cheap. I have a 10 gallon tank with 2 anoles and they are fine. Also, only put 1 male in a tank or just have girls because the males will fight. Ask pet associate for more details.
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josh - 2011-10-10
I need help on how to care a new born malaysian forest scorpion. It gave birth to two. I'm wondering why it gave birth. I got it from a friend last feb. 2010 and on this day it gave birth without a male. how come?..tnx

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-28
    They can breed for a couple of months before they actually lay eggs.  They can also just lay eggs. 
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denise - 2012-01-19
the flat rock scorpion we have had babies a month ago and have been seperated from mother into dixie cups how should they be watered

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-01-19
    Use a small flat container, like a baby food jar lid. Cut a piece of sponge to fit in the lid and thenfill it with water. This way they can get a drink without drowning.
  • Sheri Van Riper Miller - 2012-02-03
    You shouldnt have to give them any type of water. They will get all the moisture they need to get through their first instar, from the mother. As for offering water when they are away from mom, they will get all moisture from the food. If you really feel as though they need a drink (worried like me) you can spray a little bit of distilled water on the side of the deli tubs you should be keeping them in. But never more than once every 2 weeks. And make sure the water will evaporate with in 4 to 6 hours, so to reduce the risk of mycosis. You can go to or Both places have alot of information.
    Hope this helps.

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