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wiherpfreak - 2006-02-28
yeah in rare cases corn snakes will eat each other. There is a bigger chance if you are breeding them that this will happen. other than that good care sheet.

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James - 2006-02-23
Hey, james here. i love red tail boas. i've had mine for almost a year now and he's very gentle and some what lazy..haha. he's a great friend. these snakes should be treated with the most respect and deserve it too. great pets they are
thank you, james

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T.J.R. - 2006-02-23
I think you should add a fact sheet.But the rest is GREAT!!!!!!!!

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pickle - 2006-02-17
these are very docile creatures. they look like dangerous animals but are extremely easy to handle with care.

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Donny - 2006-02-15
REGENERATED LEGS. I have a number of tarantulas in my collection right now. A stripe knee, Cobalt blue, chilian rose hair, 2 pink toes and a goliath bird eater, (theraphosa blondi). I recently bought the second pink toe and she arrived with one leg missing. She has just undergone her first molt since being here and the leg is completly regenerated. Complete regeneration can occur during one molt.

Donny. Feb. 15/06

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Phil M. - 2006-02-12
I've had my T. blondi for about 5 months. It is quite easily startled and short tempered. There's nothing quite like the sound of if its fangs hitting my metal tongs as I attempt to remove food scraps and feces from its enclosure. The urticating hairs from this species are extremely irritating. I have found a pair of arm-length rubber gloves to be very useful. You must be very careful not to get any of those hairs near your eyes,nose, or mouth.
It has a 9" legspan and is in a 20 gal. long aquarium with about 7 inches of Eco-Earth/vermiculite/peat moss mix. Heat is supplied with a 60 watt ceramic heat bulb during the day, a 15 watt red night bulb 24 hours a day, and an undertank heater placed on the side of the aquarium. Humidity is maintained by misting daily and covering about 2/3 of the screen top with a sheet of acrylic. The temperature stays around 80F day/74F Night. Humidity is 80%. Surprisingy I feed this spider mostly gut loaded crickets(the largest ones I can buy) several times a week. About once a week it gets a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Of the tarantulas I have, currently, this one requires the most maintenance. Due to its aggressive nature required living conditions, and feeding regimen, I don't recommend this one to anyone new to the hobby.

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Jimmy - 2006-02-11
my trantula is so sweet i bought it for 15 dollars at petco and when i got it home i put it on my moms bed to scare her and it did!!!! after that i put it in my cage and now it loves it and likes to hunt little critters that i throw inside every now and then. even though this spider looks mean its really nice and doesnt mind if you hold it!! a great pet indeed

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jamie n - 2006-02-08
i have two corns of my own.
one is a black corn and one is a cream sicle corn.
its perfectly normal if your corn does not feed before shedding.
look in the eyes to see if they are smokey, to see if it is shedding or not.

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M. Cherry - 2006-02-06
I just purchasesd an albino corn snake for my family and I, and though I don't know a lot about her yet, we are thoroughly enjoying her! I have 2 small children and 2 dogs and they think she's great. I think she and my husband have really taken to each other too. She is very mild-mannered, curious and friendly. I can't wait to learn more about her and watch her grow!

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Josh - 2006-02-06
i stumbled upon this site regarding some information regarding my ball python and for what i found i thought i could pass on some hopefully useful info to those who could use it,

i have an aquatic fish tank with about 2 gallons of STERILE local soil, peat moss potting soil ect. and i love to plant things in my tank, but it seems every time i plant something it gets mowed over by my herp, so planter beware.

Always when planting make sure EVERYTHING you use must be sterile, and most times than not check for mold.


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