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Sean - 2006-03-27
I have kept a red-knee for obout a year. I bought her when she was about the size of the top of a coke can, now she is about the size of a coaster. She has shed atleast five times, once i walked in on her in the process, i left the room to not disturb her and came back later after she was finished. Another time i walked in on her and out of the corner of my eye noticed her move strangly, this is because she had just flipped back over from molting!! Her entire legs were pink like crab meat and as soft as noodles!! her legs werent straight at all, she looked like a land octopus. Anyway, keeping her has been exactly like the care sheet said it would be, i guess you could say she has proved every part of it correct. I keep her in a 20 gallon. She has a unique anxious temperment.

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james furciniti - 2006-03-23
my teacher has an albino corn snake and i just love it i want to get my own

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Blank - 2006-03-16
I came upon this site looking for info on snakes. I own a ball python myself. It has yet to strike at me which is a good thing, and its very gentle. I got it to help me with my uneasiness with snakes and so far so good. Its a great pet to own, and a great friend!

Dustin - 2006-03-11
I am the owner of two ball pythons. they are about 3 years old, one is 5ft. and the other is only around 4. its not the easiest thing to measure ive noticed. They are the best friends i have ever had, and more so, part of the family. they have never tried to bite me or my children at any time. and occasionally i will hold the live rat as they take it from my hand,, scarry at first, but, very exciting.

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April - 2006-03-11
I have a two year old Iguana and he is alot of fun, often times when I am making his meal I will put him or he will climb up onto the top of the fridge and I will feed him bits of his meal by hand. I also take him out on a leash to climb trees in my courtyard. It gives me alot of oppertunitues to educate others about Iguanas.

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Moncia - 2006-03-10
The only case I've heard of the snakes eating other snakes came from a book by Bill Love, a leading herptologist. If you feed your multiple snakes at the same time, there is a large chance that they will both/all go for the same food item. Generally, while eating the mouse, one snake can begin to eat the other, simply because they are consuming the mouse, which the other snake is also attached to. I feed my snakes in separate Rubbermaid containers anyway, so that they don't associate the opening of their cage with food, to prevent them from striking. I haven't heard too much on cannibalism in the cases of breeding, though that would be possible as well.

- Monica

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Anonymous - 2006-03-09
My leopard gecko is very tame. I handle it evey day

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Daryl - 2006-03-09
I purchased a whites tree frog a couple months ago and found he/she is very lively and tamed.

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Somebody who is now quite fond of Pink Toes - 2006-03-07
I haven't kept this spider as a pet. But, if I was thinking about adopting a tarantula, I would look at this one first. This site has been very helpful, especially since I have been researching the Pink-Toed Tarantula for a science report i am doing.

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Will - 2006-03-04
these frogs are cute. they like eating birds, i put my pet bird near him and the bird got eaten. anyway these frogs rock


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