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jess - 2006-09-23
I have a beardy named Duke. He is one very spoiled lizard. My husband got him into eating waffles. And now all you have to do is walk into the room with a plate of them and he goes CRAZY. He starts to run all over his cage until you put some in there for him. He also likes to watch cartoons and video games. He mainly likes the movement and the color. But he`s a spoiled little guy. When we first got him I didn`t think I would like him. But we have had him for 2yrs and now he is part of the family. My niece and nephew come to my house and first thing they want is to play with the Dukester.
Beardys are awesome critters.
Jessica and Tim

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Michael Pettingill - 2006-09-19
i am considering getting a rose-haired tarantula, it is a cool pet to look at. i researched all the tarantulas and i made up my mind i want a female chilean rose-haired tarantula.

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George - 2006-09-16
Hi all, I acquired my baby sulcata about 1 month ago. He was hatched about 2 months ago. Just last week I acquired a baby leopard tortoise which hatched about 1 month ago. I have a 4ft X 4ft tortoise table whcih is split in half to house one of each baby on each side. But I have urges to lift the plywood in the middle to see how they get along. I will do more research on this if it is at all possible during their first year. I know that as adults this won't be possible because of their size & aggression differences. Take care and take good care of your lovely torts.

George - NY

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Jaquana P. - 2006-09-15
My animal science teacher has 3 albino corn snakes!...they are just wonderful...2 of the snakes mated..their names are Snowball and Nahco...there is another snake named Frosty!..I luv them death!

- quana boo

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brandon - 2006-09-11
I LOVE snakes and my parents are both afraid of snakes so i finally convinced them that it was a small and harmless snake. when i got one i immediately needed 2. this is for two reasons: 1, the terrarium was too large for a single animal. and 2, he was very shy and i wanted to be able to handle him. both of those issues were resolved immediately after i introduced the female. (i would recommend having a male and a female, or two females. this is because males are territorial and they will fight.)

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Stephen Birkner - 2006-09-11
I have cared for anole lizard's and most of the ones I've had are aggresive and bite, but some of them are able to be handled and picked up. Others like the one's I've had are wild not like some people have had. mine are always mean and eventually I haved to let them go

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kelsey - 2006-09-10
Me and my siser have a corn snake and we thought that they did'nt need water or a light, but good thing we read this or we would have had two dead corn snakes!

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Susan - 2006-09-09
I have two a girl and a boy. we want them to mate but we dont know how or when

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Jeffrey A. Keverline - 2006-09-09
One thing I noticed in the ailments discussion is a tarantula laying on it's back described as being sick. Tarantulas normally molt in this position and so is not an indication of illness. A dying tarantula curls it's legs under it's body like a clenched fist instead of flipping on it's back. Great discussion otherwise! Check out for more information on tarantulas.

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Fred Niche - 2006-09-08
Pandinus Emperator: A perfect organism. Its structural perfection is only surpassed by its hostility. I own an Emperor Scorpion, named him Maximus. I admire its purty, its sense of survival, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.


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