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Tracy - 2012-09-08
I just got a juvinile bearded dragon about days ago.Its probably about 5-6 months old. He was light in color compaired to the others in its tank, but seemed healthy. Got him home and he was very social. Now it's shedding, and EXTREEMLY lethargic.Tonight while holding him he barely moved. He didn't eat his crickets today. I don't think he touched his salad. Tomorrow I'm going to bathe him and see if it helps. Would the shedding process and stress of a new home cause this reaction? I don't think there is impaction because he has been having bowel movements. He seemed fine until yesterday, and this morning I at first thought he was dead, I couldn't tell if he was breathing. After I checked on him he ran around for a little bit,but seemed sleepy after that.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-09
    Bearded Dragons become very lethargic during a molt.  They will also molt less frequently as they mature.  Do not under any circumstances try and hlep your bearded dragon molt fast by pulling or attempting top ull of the skin.  You could kill him.  He needs to do it at his own rate and timetable.  You can spritz him very gently with a little warm water or possibly just let him walk around in a very shallow dish with warm water but do not BATHE him.  If you pulled essentailly dry skin off sunbrun - it would hurt.  If you tried to rub it off, it would hurt.  So let him go at his own speed, he will be fine just makes him tired.  Lot of work.
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john - 2012-10-20
hey, my little brother got a baby leopard gecko at a reptile show, it is about 3 1/2 inches long (I'm geussing, don't have a ruler) and all he does is sleep all day and I thought that baby lizards were suppossed to be out going, it's beginning to worry me because I can't tell if he is drinking and he could be getting dehydrated.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-20
    Geckos do tend to just hang out.  Make sure to mist the tank as they will drink the dropplets.  What temp are you keeping the tank.  They do move less if it isnt warm.
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CJ - 2012-01-11
Hello everyone. I'm looking into getting some live plants for my frogs aquarium. I have a red eyed tree frog, love him to death and his name is Mr. Red. :)

I've been trying to look online to see if there are places to buy plants from but I don't want to have the possibilities for having fertilizer or unhealthy stuff in the plants for my frog. So I'm curious if anyone knows personally of a site online that sells the type of plants my frog likes that are also safe for my frog.

Thanks, and love this site. :)

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-11
    Choose broad leaf varieties of plant that can support the weight of the frog. Some suggestions include snake plants (Sansevieria), many bromeliads, pothos ivy, some philodendrons, Japanese evergreen, java moss, Anthurium, Mongtera species and creeping figs. Remember, plants will require a full spectrum bulb for growth. The Red-Eye Tree Frog does not require any special lighting, so make sure you provide hiding or shade spots in your enclosure.
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dc - 2011-08-01
Is a 10 gallon tank good for 1 leopard gecko

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-01
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Ashley Render - 2011-10-06
Hi I recently brought a Asian scorpion I've had him for 2 days know he is only about an inch and half. I tried to feed him one cricket the day I got him but instead of giving him one 4 fell in he hasn't eaten any as yet but seems to play with them. Shall I take some out or leave him to eat wen he is hungary

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Benjamin Kranking - 2012-09-05
I don't mean to pester you, but I'm interested in obtaining a female damon variegatus. If you could contact me at some point about availability that would be great.

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  • Benjamin Kranking - 2012-09-07
    Oops...forgot to give my email:
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TurtleBloop - 2013-02-26
i have a female ASNT *CRUSH* who is very active, she rather me hand feed her though must watch my fingers, she doesn't eat green colored sticks, but will eat the red ones. She loves bananas, Anacharis plant, i have her housed in a 30 gal breeding tanking with my male YBS *SQUIRT* they get along well. she can be aggressive but with bigger size tank less of it. she an amazing active turtle who loves to beg me. My turtles become more active when i at tank over anyone else. Overall i love my turtles very much

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Spiderman - 2013-02-22
I have many exotic pets. They enjoy our interactions during feedings. I give them all large cages with live plants and the best possible environment. The less I handle them the happier and more comfortable they become. Why does every pet have to be scratched behind the ear or be taught to say 'polly wants a cracker'. Don't say it's for anybody's safety.

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Eliot - 2013-02-22
anybody hear of this happening? whites tree frogs secreating a white slime from the head and dieing?

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martin lewis - 2012-11-27
Hi, I've recently purchased my first burgandy goliath spider about 2 weeks ago ....... humiditys kept around 90 - 95 with temp of 26 c. 6 inches potting soil with a burrow which I put in for her also got large water dish in there 2 ! Thing is I haven't seen her at all. I know she's still alive.  Just wondering if there's something wrong with her ?? I got her out of her hide yesterday just to check but she hardly moves, shows no aggression at all plus her abdoman is bald which shows shes been stressed !! A lot diffrent to what I've read about them online. Is this normal behaviour or is she just settling in ??? cheers

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-27
    I can't know whether you furry fella is NORMAL or SETTLING IN but I do know it takes them awhile to settle in and they do go through stress when moved.  You have differnt scents, sounds, voices and environment than he is used to and takes awhile. 
  • martin lewis - 2012-11-27
    Tthing is I'm inpatient and I wanna see her lol. Heard they were a very active species but not seen her out yet  and yeah I have read it takes a while to for them to settle in properly .......... I'm propably over reacting ! cheers anyway
  • emyr thomas - 2013-01-18
    Hi, I've been keeping goliaths for over 20years. The goliath is a nocturnal spider, it normally only comes out of its burrow /hole when its dark. The general rule is that if you're spider is happy you will not see it, & if its going bald & lethargic - it might be going into moult! Hope this helps you, if you need more info please contact me, cheers.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-06
    thanks for the info m8 :)
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-02-06
    Gosh I guess nobody really knows around the internet, or here, about what's going on with her.  I'm wondering how she is now, since its been a few weeks. Can you tell us what's been happening.... did she go through a molt, is she still hiding, anything different in her appearance or behavior... yeah I'd love to hear!
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-20
    Yes she was in the molting stage she very close now i would say within next few weeks she will of shed ... I ll keep you all updated :)

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