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JUSTIN ARRAN - 2006-12-29
My female golden starburst is 2years old and my first spider I've kept. shes stunning to look at but not usually seen during the day due to a very deep burrow lined with silk. she has also got a raised nest up in the corner of the tank which makes maintainance difficult when shes in residence.s he can be insanely agressive if upset and i have never seen anything move so fast, but will readily come out after dark to wonder the tank.

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Jessica White - 2006-12-26
I've had my baby MC for two years now and she's a beautiful creature, in the beginning I was nervous about holding her, however she's used to all the attention now, and I have had no incidents with her. Although they require minimal care, it is important for people to research this creature before owning, they do require certain care EVERYDAY, and only should be owned by those willing to take on that EVERYDAY responsibility. While I encourage other people to open up to the idea of owning a rose hair, please make yourself aware of all the aspects of ownership...keep them safe and love them as you would any other animal in your care! Jessica 12-26-06

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jon - 2006-12-25
i got this spider when, (she?) i think, was about a 1/2 inch. it is now about 1" and a quarter now. she has only molted twice and has gained size quickly. i have three other tarantulas and this is the only one that i will not handle. very fast and aggresive. good eater, i have seen it take down crickets about her size or a little smaller. Uncharacteristically of this species it has used provided housing. i can't wait until it gets bigger so i can sex it and so it gets its adult coloring! fun to watch.

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Lee Roberts - 2006-12-21
I have had a corn snake for about a month now and I have found out it likes mince beef straight from the butcher. so if you are stuck for food try it. Its is like it's having lizard, my snake put loads away.

des - 2006-12-21
My baby corn is a very gentle snake. I really like it and my kids love it. I could not ever find a nice snake like the one i have now.

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obsessed frog owner - 2006-12-21
I got my white's a month ago. my family loved him. When I first tried to hold him, he peed on me. Now he is tamed and enjoys climbing on me. I recently got another white's a week ago. These are amazing animals to watch at night.

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izaac - 2006-12-12
hi i am really in love with the reptile breed especially the lizard. i do not own my own yet but i am sure to in the future, as my mom wont let me. but this has given me a boost to wanting a leopard gecko even more thanks;)

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Jolyon - 2006-12-11
I was told these creatures were incredibly shy and I would not see them feed. My tail less whip scorpion ate infront of me in a fully lit room. It never ceases to mesmerize me. An amazing pet!

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Patrick - 2006-12-11
We currently own over 60 tarantulas and several of the avic genus. No cottonballs or sponges are necessary for the tarantulas. They are quite good swimmers. Those things just harbor bacteria and parasites.

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Deeanne Castor - 2006-12-06
I have had my red eared slider for 10 years. she is awesome, her name is myrtle the turtle. i plan on getting another turtle for her so she can have a friend. Deeanne Castor


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