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Anonymous - 2007-03-09
I have a bearded dragon called Liz. But mostly he's called Fatty! He is the coolest pet ever. He is also extremely spoiled. He gets fed by hand and water by hand daily and gets to run all over the house. He especially likes to climb up and down the stairs and to see how far he can jump. He's less than a year old but has a great personality and gives lots of licks and loves to be held. I'd highly recommend one as a pet, but they do require a lot of time and upkeep but it is well worth it. Thanks - Brandon and Trayce

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Saki Osakura - 2007-03-06
hi! i have a pet Matamata at home, and all i ever feed it is frozen fish. i find it so cool!

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Cody Anderson - 2007-03-03
Well, about 4 months ago my girlfriend and I purchased a single emperor scorpion from a local pet shop. at the time, we had no clue if it was male or female, and really didnt care! we were just excited to finally have one.

as of today, we figured out that it's female...
we had quite the shock when we went to look at it and discovered 25-30 little white baby scorpions clinging to her back! to be completely honest im still in shock as i write this.

with all the wonderfulness, now we just have the problem of figuring out what to do with them all!

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Janet - 2007-02-28
My husband and I recently bought a 1 year old Rose Hair Tarantula for ourprogram at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The elementary age children are studying about the interconnected web of life and how all creatures are important to the survival of others. As part of this unit we are reading Charlott's Web. The children love Rosie and I've heard my husband walk by her to give a cheery "good morning". I never would have thought that I could have emotional feelings and attachments to a spider. Thanks for the information it is very helpful.

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zack - 2007-02-27
I have a leopard gecko,they are awesome. My leopard gecko's name is Ling-ling. She is a beautiful tangerine leopard gecko.S he is very docile. For you beginners leopard geckos are the best. She eats crickets (mainly). If you get a leopard gecko you'll love it.

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ThE cAt - 2007-02-25
I have an ornate wood turtle named Shebella Chewpull, or Sheba. the best advice I can give is to keep your turtle friend in a central location where they will easily be noticed, as they cannot draw attention to themselves. Sheba loves superworms and yours probably will too

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ALAN - 2007-02-25
Great site. Searched everwhere for a care sheet on giant centipedes, this is the only site where I found anything.

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Olivia - 2007-02-24
I got a Dumpy tree frog like 4 months ago. I love him, his name is Keko because I have a Pacman frog named Kiki. I got a new frog yesterday along with a Newt. I love amphibians. They are so amazing to watch, they do all sorts of things.

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Colton Crawford - 2007-02-22
I have a ball python and he allways gets out and he gets found in the strangest places. I think snakes are the best pet you can get because it teaches you love, compassion, and skills for other pets as well. Ball pythons are GREAT beginner pets.

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pete - 2007-02-20
I have had my RGS for about 2 1/2 months. His name is Jeremy. The first RGS that I had died the day after I got her home. The pet center gave me a new one a few weeks later. I have never seen him eat, and he has not shed at all since I've had him. He likes to be held but only if my hands are warm and tends not to like anyone else holding him. I have him housed in a 29 gallon high terrarium. There are plenty of branches and vines for him to climb. Most of the time he is basking or hidden inside his enclosure. Along with Jeremy, I have a long-tailed grass skink housed with him.


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