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jeff - 2007-04-29
I have enjoyed keeping these heloderms, they are a beautiful and fascinating animal. If you are experienced and give these lizards the respect they deserve, you can enjoy many years with these low maintenance animals.

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terri - 2007-04-27
I got my rose-hair when I was 15 and I am now 27. My 12 year old spider is in great health (she is big and beautiful). I took in another tarantual because her owner couldn't keep her any longer and I have had her for 6 years. My children love to look at them and help me feed them. If you are thinking about a rose-hair I recommend it, they really are wondeful, just make sure that you know that you could have it for a very long time. Both have a great temperment and don't mind being held, as long as you respect them and watch for signs of anger or stress. Bring your arachnophobic friend over... watch them change their mind about spiders! They really are great pets.

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marduk - 2007-04-27
i got my theraphosa blondi 4 weeks ago. Shes agressive and not to easy to handle. she eats a lot. i have a large terrarium 80x40x40 because shes huge and needs a lot of space! Other than being agressive and leave urticating hairs, i dont have any problems doing what i have to do in the terrarium with the spider in there. She never attacks me because i respect her and if you respect her space you will probably have no problems. but i strongly dont recommend this spider to a beginner, because you will probably pay for your errors very painfully!

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jen - 2007-04-26
I have four sliders, two males and two females. They are 25 years old and very large. I am currently incubating 4 eggs and expect the babies in June! Turtles can be a lot of work to take care of, but they are worth it if you have the time.

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Nick GF MT - 2007-04-25
I just got my Starburst Baboon and man, people are right they are FAST FAST FAST and MEAN too. Mine has already started webbing up it's den. Some say this species is terrestial and I for one believe it's partly arboreal. They are big and do climb glass. I wanted something just like that. Had my choice between her and a pinktoe and happy with my choice. You want something that actually does something here you go. Just remember, you are buying a spider after all.

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alby - 2007-04-25
I like your web-site because I learned what that black stuff crawling around its neck was(mites and ticks). Now my iguana walks around healthy.

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steffy & chad - 2007-04-22
My boyfriend and I got a very good deal on a softshell and tank set up. we named him "flapjack" and gave him some native live fresh water plants. he seems to lean more towards the pellet food rather than the school of guppies he shares his tank with. we are very happy with our snap judgment on taking the little guy. our dog loves to watch him swim around.

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Raejie Juance - 2007-04-22
Just be sure to know first the basics to take good care of your scorpion... Its so fun to have them.

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Anonymous - 2007-04-17
i have a snowcorn. i just bought a second snake today, a normal basic corn. im taking it back tomorrow and swapping it for a snow corn because it has an attitude problem and i just dont like it. snowcorns are definitely the best.

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Josh L. - 2007-04-16
I have had a ball python now for about two and a half years. Her name is Chocolate. I am 13 years old, and they are amazing pets. (especially for beginners!!) Very easy to care for, dont require much. Mine once went for 3 months without eating simply because I re-did her cage. Very picky eaters, but are excellent pets. Gets along great with everyone. Never attempted to bite. Love reptiles and am thinking about getting a Bearded Dragon.


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