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Laura - 2007-07-11
I'm new having a snowcorn, she's just a baby thouugh, fed once a fortnight but a fair sized rat. She is grumpy and likes to hide for 3 or 4 days after she's eaten, then she comes out of hiding and likes to play and be handled and give kisses. Very docile and contented snakes.

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LUIS - 2007-07-03
i am 14 and i have a red tail boa, she is 8ft long and she is really good tempered. She iz probably 40 to 50 pounds, but she is super good around kids and i think im gonna breed her sometime. Plus i have a burmese python and they grew up together, but they go in separate cages.

Don - 2007-06-29
I have the pleasure of having a Columbian. I named him Hercules. He truly is a master predator. He is a joy and I hope to have him around many more years. He is 15 and roughly 10 ft long. He eats full size rabbits. Since he eats such a large meal, I only feed him once a month. He has a room in our house all to himself and I allow him to run free until feed day then I place him in a converted entertainment center for the feed and digestion process.

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Fel-city - 2007-06-28
I have 2 corn snakes, a male and female. They are both wild but very healthy and docile. I do better with wild snakes. I am hoping to breed them but I am worried that it is too late in the year.

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J.Dale. - 2007-06-26
From an old UK keeper of many things over the years including four kid`s and a wife.
I have at present three Chillian Rose spiderlings about 2 months old. Looking for information concerning these had lead me here. I saw four Pink Toed spiderlings at my usual food and sundry supplier. After reading some of the comments about these I will be warming up the Ford in a short while and taking a ride.I will then boast that I have also some Pink Toed spiderlings. At the age of 55 and thanks to a weird daughter. I am now into Tarantullas. Or as I like to call them. My babies. Totally fascinating. You can keep hamsters and the like. It`s just a great pity that the local Vetenarian is not keen on spiders. He declined to give them a check up lol. Sorry if I am a bit offtrack. I do find that if you ever get the chance to comment to people about them it`s a real bonus. They will find it a bit boring.. Still they can talk about their cat`s etc. Give me my little hairy friends anytime. Fascinating coments by other owners of these much misunderstood pet`s. I enjoyed reading them. I was considering a name change for myself. Arachnid Phobia.. But the wife isnt keen.. Oh well.. Good luck.....

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Arthur J. Lewis - 2007-06-25
I live in Oklahome and have picked up the alleged brown Tarantula. They have very long, very black, very sharp fangs. Upon measuring the fangs, I found it to be 1/2 inch long. While measuring it the spider bit repeatedly at the measuring stick. When I dropped it the spider took up attack posturing and came towards me. I captured it in a can and let it calm down undisturbed. After about ten minutes I looked in the can and gently put a long stick into the can turning the spider over for inspection. The spider struck at the stick repeatedly squirting clear venom along the bottom of can. My neighbor was watching closely while I did this and became scared when it started venom squirting from the sharp black fangs. The venom is of sufficient toxicity to make small children very ill. Be careful if you catch a wild Brown Tarantula here in Oklahoma, you will see how vicious they can get when messed with like a child does when at play.

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jonathan.D - 2007-06-25
i just got a snow corn snake and she is just so cute. She is getting tame but she hisses when she is woken up. She is also very docile but gets quite active when you first get her out.

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Jake - 2007-06-25
I love these snakes, ball pythons are my favorite. I have also found a way to make some extra $$$ that you could try too. I have 2 albino pythons, one female, and one male. they are very beautiful snakes and when they breed there babies are just as beautiful. And thats why they are worth so much, my baby snakes (albino) usually sell for between $2,500 and $3,000. Its a very good way to pay the bills. The snakes usually lay between 4-8 eggs for each clutch. Do a little math and thats quite a bit of money considering that they lay many clutches of eggs during the breeding season. If you are interested in this, go to a site about breeding albino snakes and get all the details.

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Rae, age 14 - 2007-06-23
I bought two baby sliders from Chinatown yesterday, as I was in the market for a new pet, anyway. I named them Ickle and Pickle. ^_^ They both have soft-shell (malnutrition, I guess), so I'm kind of worried, and they don't seem to eat anything I give them. Maybe they're nervous. They're adorable, though. I think this is a nice alternative to that Borzoi puppy I've always wanted.

jodi - 2007-06-18
We love our red ear slider, her name is Cleo. We got her when she was a baby and she has gotten pretty big. I buy ghost shrimp for her to eat, she loves to chase them and then eat them. Now that summer is here my girls and I go out and catch grasshoppers, crickets, and june bugs. I dont know what we will do when winter comes. Sometimes I think I pay more attention to her than our dogs, lol!


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