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Burnworth - 2007-08-01
My husband and I enjoy Bruce Lee at night. He climbs on my husbands shoulder like a cat. He has an awesome personality and has a better pad then we do.

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ME - 2007-07-31
I got a baby corn snake for my 13th birthday. She (I think it's a girl, at least) was less than a 12 inches when I got her. Now it's about a half a year later and she's about 20+ inches long. She sheds prety predictably once every month. I give her a large pinky mouse once every five days. She's doing fine, not too fat or skinny. she loves to climb all over my hands and arms and explore everywhere. this is my first snake, so I'm a complete beginner and she's really easy to care for. I also want to get gekos and a ball python, but not yet. For my cage setup I have a water bowl and a half of a small log I got from the pet store on the cool end. On the warm end I have a little log I also got from the pet store. I also have a branch that I found outside and cut to fit the cage. I soaked it in bleach water to kill all of the bacteria and bugs. She loves to climb on it. I use aspen bedding. When I feed her, I put her in a little brown bag that the pet store gave me when I buy mice for her to eat. That way she knows that she shouldn't bite anything unless it's in the bag, and she won't accidentaly swallow any bedding, which she never has.

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Denise - 2007-07-28
We have a huge iguana called 'Bob'. He has lived with us for 14 years, from being of a size that fitted into a small plastic tub. He has had many homes, including a shed in my dining room (!) to his present home, the whole end of my dining room. Whilst being a softie at times (with my husband, who is able to judge his moods and knows when to stay away / put his hand in and stroke the top of his head). For myself, I tend to keep away, as Bob knows when my hormones are on the go and reacts more aggressively.
Bob tends to eat Brocoli, cat biscuits, oranges, grapes. In the past he's eaten sausages (watch those fingers!) and a finch (which we thought would be safe in there! Big mistake! Lasted three days, kept landing on Bob, he learned the flight path and one swallow later....
He is cute though- he likes you to blow through the gaps of his home onto his face, bob your head, and talk to him.

Emelly Cruz - 2007-07-26
Hello, well my green iguana Littlefoot loves it when i sleep with him. Hes been around my family for 12 years and hes living la vida loca. He enjoys being out in the sun and taking baths lol!

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Illinois Jules - 2007-07-25
On my oldest/younger brother (Scott)'s girlfriend (Tracy)'s land in SE OK, last spring (May 2006)they caught a smallish (half-dollar size) Oklahoma Brown immature female tarantula spider to show me - Since those crawlies live there.
To that date I was NOT a spider fan! Big time! No way! Fear!
Don't get me wrong - The general bug, insects, fuzzy beasts, reptiles, amphibians - basically everything else, was great fun and cool with me!
Just not - SPIDERS!
Until - Grethel.
She looked like a small brown furry bear - with 10 walking legs.
I fell into ... Great Like. ([smile] - Still, some small fear was involved)
That was then... Now she has become an Arachnid Spokesspider.
She is so docile and polite that she has scampered mildly across or been handled by as many as a half-dozen wary spider-phobes at times. A pet I will cherish forever. Illinois Jules

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Adam - 2007-07-22
I have had my current rose hair for about a year and a half and I have seen it molt now TWICE. I am sure this is a common thing but I am amazed that it could put itself through such a transformation twice. Also, my Pink Toe has also just recently molted in a verticle position (it makes a tube shaped web) inside of its web. I recommend to anyone with a rose hair to try a pink toe next. It is cool to see the differences between the opportunistic burrower variety as opposed to the all out climber. Enjoy all, I am out to get a cobalt blue now and i will post my progress.

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Adam - 2007-07-22
I have had a rose hair for over a year and a half with much success including several moltings per spider, so I decided it was time to try another species. I have had my pink toe now for a few months and I have been very happy with the spider. On top of it being an amazing climber (something I am not used to with the rose hair), it has also created a cone of web for itself. I do see the need for a verticlally inclined environment, however I am using a 5 gallon tank of the usual proportions with a standing log in the corner and the spider seems to be comletely productive. Currently, as I am writing this post my pink toe is performing a verticle molt within its tube of webbing. Anyways, i recommend this animal to anyone wanting to start a spider hobby. Now its off for spider number 3, a cobalt blue.

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spyke - 2007-07-22
i bought an emporer scorpion, 2 days later i bought another, and then i bought a pregnant one like 2 weeks ago. i love thees little guys and they made me wanna buy a flat rock scorpion as soon as i can :) i love them, my girlfriend loves them, and you will two.
i do handle all but the pregnant one and they are fine to handle, they never sting. i've been pinched but its never hard, and its after you held them for to long.

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Daniel K - 2007-07-20
Actually, balls yawn all the time for no known reason. It does not necessarily mean the snake has a respiratory infection.

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Matt - 2007-07-17
I have six green anoles; king kong, lady, tiger, ligtning, and lil raskle. And i study them so i can help them. I am trying to get them some food now.


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