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Rcahel - 2007-09-25
I have a male Granite Ball/Royal python. I've owned many reptiles before but I think ball Pythons have to be the best. They are easy to care for as long as you have time to regularly handle them. TIPS: NO HEAT ROCKS NO NEWSPAPER

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destiny - 2007-09-24
I have a rose hair chilean tarantula
and i love her so much. It's so funny when i hold her, my mom dose not like it but i do.
i cant wait for her to molt. im really
happy i got her as a pet. i want to lean more about tarantulas and i want to find some one that likes them as much as i do!

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harry - 2007-09-21
I have 23 of these in a 75 gallon terrarium. They are so amazing, especially under a black light.

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Anonymous - 2007-09-21
My room mate in college had a leopard gecko and he was awesome. If you ever put them on the ground though, they may run away and hide. That's what his did and it hid under our dresser for hours just eating crickets that had escaped. one of the things that is really cool is how they are nocturnal. Whenever we went to sleep he would make noises trying to eat crikets. One really weird thing was his tail he would shake it before he caught the crickets, he looked like some one shaking a pop bottle to spray some one.

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nick - 2007-09-18
I'm planning on getting a RGS from the pet store i work at. I have a 20 gallon tall tank, 1x24x18 for those of you who don't know the dementions. I will also be getting a 75 or 100 watt basking spot light and a UVA light bulb. I will probably go with either a mulch or terra fibre substrate with vines and plants for climbing. I might get some live plants since i will be getting the UVA light, makes sense.

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Anonymous - 2007-09-18
Best i have ever owned and have such a nice personality

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Buslady - 2007-09-15
Most of this info is correct, except they do not hibernate; hatching is not as easy as they say. They go into diapause, a halt in development, and hatching could be 5-8 months. My oldest was 8 months. He's 10 months old now and growing fast. Never toss an egg no matter how long it's incubated unless you're 100% it's bad.
They are more aquatic than was most articles say. My group is kept in two Waterland tubs and often hang out in the water. They need water deep enough to cover their shell and substrate deep enough that they can dig and hide. Fake foliage will help them hide as well.

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Justin - 2007-09-15
Hey, me and my dad bought 3 babies! They are so cute. They dont seem very mean and we put some baby crickets in their little cages and they have already eaten some! They are awesome pets!

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Richard Turner - 2007-09-13
Whites Tree Frog- the Perfect pet!!
I'm a breeder of a number of species of snakes and Lizards. I breed specialist species like the Dwarf Spiny Tailed Monitor Lizard. I also breed Western Hognose snakes, fire skinks, Imperial and Buthid scorpions and on and off chinese mantids of different sorts. They are all fun and brilliant pets (Buthid scorpions aren't exactly strokable) but none more than my two new Whites tree frogs
"Laurel and Hardy".
They are obsessed with my face. They love to leap from my hand onto my face.
Seriously cute! Super easy to look after! Love a bit of attention although they do like their own space. Feed easily! By day they appear as a green blob of jelly on your viv wall, by night they are on the prowl for food and fun. Climbing all over each other is their No.1 favourite sport.

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Abdullah Ismail - 2007-09-12
These tortoises are great! they are good handling, especially when acquired young. mine is very tame and she is nicknamed athene. she has a carapace of 2.5 inches. i keep her on my table while studying and she wanders on the table. these are best pets for beginners.


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