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chris - 2007-11-13
Ive had my Snow Corn Snake for about 1 1/2 Years. He's the friendliest snake i've ever seen. He's never snapped at me or constricted or anything. He's timid and very fast, but he always slows once he gets used to me. We've had some funny moments. He went To the bathroom on me... TWICE...Lol Yea, it was messy... =) but I feed him 3 mice every week. I would recommend a Snow Corn Snake, just always feed them and just sit and talk to them every once in a while. i guess i dunno.. =) lol mine seems to like it. He's wonderful towards my friends too.

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Dominick - 2007-11-11
I have a pet Beardie, her name is Raphiella. She's about 5 months old and loves jumping and running all over the house. Ralphy is my 2nd lizard, I lost my first male over the summer. She, you could say, is a vegetarian. She rarely ever eats crickets or super worms.

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Travis - 2007-11-10
my green anole is awesome. good for kids. they don't ever bite, scratch, or whip their tails. they are the only iguana that can change colors, they only change from green to brown. really cool!

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Tori - 2007-11-09
I had a rough green snake that I caught in the wild for about two weeks. She/he never attempted to bite and she enjoyed being held. I had the 12 inch long snake housed in a 20 gallon aquarium with a fake log and a rock pool. I also had a heat lamp. I never misted her cage because no one told me to-oops- but she was happy and liked to swim in the pool. The pet store told me that she was a racer and to feed her pinkies. We bought a pinkie and put in her cage and the snake would not eat the pinkie. Instead, it curled up with it and kept in warm, we ended up releasing both together. A few years after I had that snake, I came across another RGS, which was highly agressive and had to be promptly released.

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billybob Joe - 2007-11-09
oooolala! i love these small little tree frogs!

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  • Emily - 2010-05-11
    I know, they are sooooo cool! =)
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brandon - 2007-11-08
I just got my red eared slider yesterday and his already the best thing that ever happened to me. his names peaubs. ps: this site helps alot

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bob - 2007-11-07
corn snakes can be housed together qiute succesfully. the only problem is with males during breeding, they might have a scuffle. otherwise these snakes are very docile and i have never received a bite from both of mine, which i hope to breed

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dakota - 2007-11-05
i never knew how fun spiders could be

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haylea - 2007-11-04
i just got an albino corn snake like a few hours ago and her name is ripley. she is already friendly and very nice. she was my b-day present, i just turned 11. she let me hold her the first time i saw her and loves it. she hasn't hissed or been aggressive yet and i hope she stays like that. she's great so far and i love her. she is the nicest snake ever and im very glad i have her!=]

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Richard Dooley - 2007-11-04
A few months ago, we had a micro burst come through the foothills, in Tucson, AZ. I was tending bar at a country club and a server who works with me was on the patio watching the storm when he felt something land on the back of his neck. It had stung him twice before he could fling it off. It turned out to be a centipede that measured around 8 inches. We saw it the next day. It was huge.


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