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Christian - 2007-11-22
My red eared slider is just a baby. I got it yesterday and it rocks, it's just extremely shy.

val - 2007-11-22
I've always been a big fan of the Red-Eared Slider and have had mine for six months. I didn't know what they were called or their living status, but the website help me out a lot!

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jaycee - 2007-11-21
I bought mine last month, they were an inch long and now they are about 2-2 1/4 inches. I'm telling you these pokies can eat and they are fast. Can't wait for them to get much bigger so I can see the amazing colors of this species. And please don't handle them, pokies have stronger venom than any tarantulas. They are only for display, like a pet fisn in an aquarium.

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Steven Goldhar - 2007-11-20
In contrast to what was said earlier, our Ornate Wood Turtle does hibernate. I did not know this when we bought him however in his second year he began to often try and climb up on the tank walls when we were near. After watching this go on for months I decided to put him down outside the cage. He would find a secluded spot and just stay there in his shell. After a few days, not understanding the behaviour I would bring him back into his tank only to see him repeat the action of trying to get out again within a day or two. After deciding to go online to look for some answers I read about their hibernation. I then took "Munchie" out of his tank and put him down near the area we had prepared for him according to the guide I found online. Munchie hybernated the first year for six months!! If it wasn't for signs that we knew he'd come out for some water we would surely have thought that he was dead. Sure enough, when he was ready, he appeared right in front of his tank waiting for us to put him back. His second year of hibernation lasted 4 months. He never crawled up the walls again or showed any obvious signs as he did the first time. Now I follow the guide which said that leading up to the fall season hibernation he will eat greater amounts of food then slow down or stop when ready to hibernate. This year, being his third hibernation season, I took him out and placed him near his spot about a month ago however he made his way back to the tank later that day, obviously not ready for his long sleep. This time seems to be working for him. Wow! What a learning curve! I can only imagine what he'd say to me if he could talk. He'd probably say "It's about time you let me sleep! I've been trying to tell this for two years!".

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Mike Taylor - 2007-11-17
One time on a fishing trip this past summer here in Indy, Indiana... I noticed that there were bubbles coming from the edge of the waters near where we were fishing! I thought it was maybe crayfish, or even SNAKES! But as the trip was coming toward an end and i just happened to be walking near a "bed stream" of lower water flowing from a overhead fountain, I dared to take a look. I was actually looking to see if i could catch or find the smaller baby fish basking there, but instead i found two Soft Shells! The first one sped away due to detecting me ahead of time, while the other played "shellshocked". I quickly pressed down on its shell and scooped it up. It was an amazing find because It was what just happened to be making those bubbles! Despite the site saying they only are found like in the Cali area or so, and another site has quoted that they are native to the Maryland like area... Well its mid fall and the creature is doing quite well. It acts just like a pet even though it took it a while to overcome its shyness. The enclosure is a 45g long tank which also houses a toad, tree frog, 6-8 crawfish, guppies, 2 mini-crabs, and 2 bahamian anoles. The turtle gladly accepts pellets, crab & fish foods, and crickets. It knows when it's feeding time and will come to your hand. Sadly, the turtle does and will eat your fish! I wanted to go "sub-tropical", but i intend to stick with the feeder guppies. (Crawfish will eat your fish too!... Unbelievable when i caught them trapping and eating my guppies too!)

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Paige K - 2007-11-17
A week ago, my 7 year old daughter caught our RGS in the woods. This snake has quickly become a part of our family. We were getting worried when she wouldnt eat the crickets that we placed in her habitat. We have read website after website on suggestions for feeding, holding, lighting, etc. None really give a single clear answer. All seem to have different suggestions. So maybe our experience will be helpful. Much to our suprise, "Katie" loves to be held! She loves to curl around my daughters hand and cuddle into her neck. She enjoys her branches to climb on, though doesnt seem to spend much time in her covered log, nor in her water. Though, we believe she goes there, as her bedding seems to be in the water. She sometimes sleeps near the heating pad we have under her aquarium. But prefers her branches. Finally, today, she ate two very tiny crickets, after spitting out a meal worm...litterally! But, again, to our suprise, she would only eat it if we hand fed it to her. How many should we give her? We dont really know, but we'll try again in a few days. We did place a couple in her home for her to try and catch. Hope this may be helpful to anyone as confused as we are. This little snake is so sweet, and so lovable, that we hope she continues to adjust well to life with us.

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Alice - 2007-11-17
I got a hatchling corn snake for my birthday. Turns out he had mites, and they were fatel. Corn snakes make great pets and are easy to take care of. Make sure you ask to see the snake fed before you buy it. You want a healthy, snake that will eat. Also you want to check for mites and ticks as they can be fatel if you snake is small. If your snake is getting thinner, or not eating this can be a sign of mites or ticks. I am getting a new one tomorrow, it is a black corn.

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Monica - 2007-11-16
My green anoles are Izzy, Greeny and Scar. It's fun to watch them eat rollie pollies and other bugs.

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colie - 2007-11-14
We just had a huge freak-out about one of these things, measuring at least 8 inches. But he's no longer with us. They are pesky & rather creepy creatures when they are not wanted.

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Jonquil - 2007-11-13
My cousins and I went to the pet shop to find a pet and who knew we'd end up buying a tarantula? I'm not sure if my tarantula is a boy or girl, but I think its a boy. He's such a sweetie and hasn't bitten anyone so far. This expierience made me get over my fear of spiders and I hope to have him for a long time!


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