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Steven Cox - 2007-12-07
My Teacher has a ball python. i think it's one of the tightest snakes out there. Her python is about three feet already and eats a lot. It loves kids. Steven Cox Dec.7, 2007

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corey - 2007-12-02
I am new to owning a snake. A friend told me to start with a snowcorn, so i did. It has only been 2 days now and i love this snake. It will not bite or constrict, atleast not yet. She is about a 1yr. old and almost a foot and a half if not more. She goes into my right arm sleeve, lays across my back, and only shows a little of her face out of the left sleeve. A cool snake!

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Donita Whistle - 2007-12-01
My husband and I decided to try bringing a pink toed tarantula into our home after having much success with 2 Rose Hairs. I have to say that I think they are a nasty little spider and very unsociable. It used to run towards the opened doors of its inclosure every time we opened the doors and poops down the side of the glass. Now it has a very elaberate web and will not come out of its web, I guess except for at night. Every time we have tried to handle it, it has jumped. I enjoy our female Chilaen Rose a whole lot more, and we are thinking of trading the pink toed in on something more friendly.

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shemeka - 2007-11-30
The pig- nosed turtle is very soft.

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berny (philippines) - 2007-11-30
I think you have an H. laoticus pictured not an H. spinifer. I have both and successfully reproduced from both species. I handle these on a daily basis and had been pinched only once, when i stupidly picked up this laoticus a little too quickly. They DO NOT readily sting but will try to scare you off by doing a quick pinch. If you want to see some action, give them something large for them thats frisky, a locust, large roach or even a small mouse. =)

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eilidh buckin - 2007-11-28
We are doing a project on them, so we thought we would tell you.

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Ashley Smith - 2007-11-27
I have 2 of them, a male and a female. They are both wonderful pets, I could just watch them for hours. They are a bit more work than other animals but when you get into a routine it's a piece of cake and every minute is worth it. I am going to be a proud parent soon and I can't wait for my female to lay her eggs.

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sydney - 2007-11-26
That spider is friking huge, man that's weird!

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Eric F. - 2007-11-26
I have a red tail boa and I have had it since it was born, and it is about 5" long. I have owned a lot of snakes, but this is the most docile and friendly of all snakes that I have owned.

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Lauren - 2007-11-24
I got my ball python for christmas of 06' and i've loved every minute of having him. He only sheds about once a month. I love the way he feels. He is the best pet I have ever had. I hold him everyday and so does the rest of the family. He is very docile and friendly. He will just sit around my neck and go in my hair. I can walk around with him on my neck like he is a necklace. He was the coolest christmas gift I got that year. He definitely tops clothes. Plus for christmas this year i'm getting an albino python.


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